Washing 40k Cities of Death

Still in the Cities of Death fever, managed to complete 1 city, 3 more to go. Will showcase them once its completed. Once my buildings are done, I will build a base for it as well.

Mix thinner with Citadel Chaos Black
Mix thinner with Citadel Chaos Black

Anyway, how I paint my cities is, based coat black,  paint it with Fortress Grey, wash it down with Citadel Washes Badab Black. When the wash is dried it looks good, it like I describe in my earlier post. But the problem is, I am washing a building, wow, a building will use up about 1.5 bottle of wash. In term of money, wow, that expensive to paint a building. I decided to experiment alternatives.

And… wow.. I found. I mixed Citadel Chaos black paint with a hobby thinner, probably a mix of 95% thinnner with 5% paint part. Use this to wash the building. And when its dried, it has the same effect as using Citadel Washes and it does not dry with a dark ring. And a bottle of thinner cost only 6 dollar and its a big bottle.

Back to the cities…

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