Citadel Washes and Ink

Ever since Gamesworkshop washes were released, the old inks were phased out already. If you have not try the new washes, I would suggest you go down to your nearest GW stores or hobby stores to grab one.

The new washes are much better and smoother. If you wash your models with it, it will form a smooth gradient shade when dry. As compared to the old ink, when the ink dry, it forms a ugly ring around it. I have always been particular about this side effect of the old ink. But hey, with the new washes, I dont have to worry any more.

Gamesworkshop Citadel Washes and Ink
Gamesworkshop Citadel Washes and Ink

With the new wash, painting armour are so much easier and faster, especially if your miniature painting style is like mine, dirty, wear and tear. Like for the skeleton warrior armour, first paint chainmail, when dry then wash it with a heavy dose of  Badad Black. Once it is dried, simply dry brush the edges with silver. Ever since the new washes are released, it makes my painting much easier. I simply love the effect when the washes is dry… smooth gradients…

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