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Hello Wargames fans and welcome to another edition of the weekly Wayland Games newsletter!

It’s a great week for giant robots fans as the Heavy Gear ‘Utopian’ faction gets reinforced and the EDEN range expands with more jaw dropping samurai mecha. Meanwhile our Unchartered Seas clearance increases – now an amazing 40% OFF!! and a wealth of Battlefield In A Box scenery, paints and sprays for Flames of War players makes recreating famous conflicts easier than ever.

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As the evenings draw in and the lure of the hobby table starts to become greater and greater we here at your favourite online wargames retailer thought it was about time to reward our loyal customer base.

So if it’s the shiny skeletal Necrons you’re after or the re-released Uncharted Seas or practically any other of our over 10,000 wargaming products then have we got some good news for you! Until 23.59 GMT on the 30th October 2011 we’re offering free, that’s right, FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £40!!

There are the usual exceptions, this doesn’t apply to the bulkier items such as the Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard and the larger Battlefoam bags plus a few other items but it does apply to everything else we stock!

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HEAVY GEAR: NuCoal Reinforcements and the New Utopian Faction

This week sees the imminent arrival of more NuCoal units, while the latest Utopia faction brings a new ideology to the world of Heavy Gear and offers an even wider range of big stompy robots than ever before!

So if you haven’t already bought into Heavy Gear as one of your tabletop wargames, now is definitely a good time to check out the growing range and rules for yourself.

With a wealth of factions, a rich and detailed background, plus plenty of eye catching colourschemes, Heavy Gear offers you everything you could ever ask for…provided you like sky scraper sized robots with enormous weapons of mass destruction of course!

check out the new Heavy Gear releases for yourself and see what inspires your imagination.

FLAMES OF WAR: New ‘Battefield in a Box’ Scenery & Sprays

Whether you play Flames Of War or any other tabletop wargame, the Battlefield in a Box range will have no doubt caught your eye. Meanwhile the growing range of Sprays for Flames of War provide a selection of historically accurate base colours for your WWII armies.

Battlefield In A Box is a vast range of fully painted, pre built terrain that’s so affordable, we really do wonder just how they do it! So whether your battles are taking place in a ruined city, the rolling countryside or the baking desert, you’ll find all the terrain you could ever need that’s highly detailed, prepainted, built to last and affordable. Seriously, you’ll never want to build and paint terrain ever again!

Similarly, Flames of War Paints & Sprays make painting a cohesive military force easier than ever. Simply choose your base coat colour and paint set for your country, then get painting! In fact, these paints are so good, we’re seeing more and more people use them with other miniatures ranges with traditional military themes.

Check out the latest Flames of War Pre-Orders for yourself and take your pick of the best scenery, sprays and new releases for your games.


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The fantasy fleets of Unchartered Seas have been sailing off the shelves this month, but to make way for all the Uncharted Seas re-sculpts, we’ve reduced the current range by a massive 40%. So if you’ve always wanted to buy into a naval game, now is definitely the right time! Check them out in our special deals and clearance section here.

Also, with the Uncharted Seas sculpts arriving next month, there’s never been a better time to bulk up your main battle fleet before finishing it off with a few additions from the new range! (Keep checking our Spartan Games pre-orders category for further updates on the new range releases!)

Check out the Unchartered Seas range for yourself and choose from a wide range of Elf, Human, Dwarven and Orcish fleets to conquer the high seas in time to receive reinforcements!

EDEN: Clowns, Cannibals and Killer Robots

EDEN, by Taban Miniatures is a post-apocalyptic skirmish game with stunning miniatures, wicked game play and an insane imagination.

So whether it’s killer clowns in tu-tus, tribal mutant cannibals, or gigantic samurai robots, EDEN is a painter’s and a gamer’s dream come true. Especially if you have a suitably dark sense of humour!

Game wise, EDEN plays in a similar way to Warmachine with units taking damage to location boxes, which then has an impact on their fighting abilities. This keeps the game tactical and engaging while you do your best to complete your assigned missions.

The most eye catching faction has to be the ISC, an army of feudal Japanest robots that roam the wasteland, searching for fragments of the past.

Then there’s the Bamaka Clan – a tribe of mutants and genetic experiments gone wrong who have returned to nature and simplicity in order to survive while rejecting their hummanity and turning to canabalism.

Meanwhile The Jokers are a drugged and demented gang formed out of the shelters during the apocalypse. For them, order and society are meaningless and only the strong will survive. For us however, they’re a wonderfully dark humoured bunch and would be an absolute joy to paint or play!

Recent additions to the game include the Convoy, a group of travellers that strive on barter and sales while having the ability to access water reserves and share the teachings of those old enough to remember a better world.

Finally, the Matriarchy believe that technology and misinterpretation of religion by men are the source of all evils. The sisters and paladines now return to the surface with their gagged and bound man-slaves to unleash all manner of carnage in their quest to ensure that males will never plunge the world into chaos again. Yes, we’re slightly worried too!

So if you haven’t yet been tempted by the exquisite (and sometimes downright disturbing) miniatures, the excellent game system or the setting of this darkly colourful post apocalyptic world, then we recommend you check out EDEN right away.

Wayland Are Recruiting!

Fancy working for one of the biggest and best names in wargaming? Well, we’re currently recruiting for two part-time staff to assist in warehouse operations in our warehouse in Southend On Sea, Essex, UK (moving to Hockley, Essex in the next few months).

The hours will initially be circa 20 per week with more required around the Christmas busy period and during our warehouse move. It’s highly likely that these part-time roles will convert into full-time roles at some point in the future.

If you are interested in turning your hobby into a profession, please send us your CV at jobs@waylandgames.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.

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