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Arachnarok Spider and Golgfag Maneater

Spiders and Maneater… Managed to weave them all up with colours for this commission miniature painting project. I was pretty excited when having a miniature painting service project for a Warhammer Orcs and Goblin Arachnarok Spider. Painting the spider was a challenge. The underside of the spider with all the eggs and egg sac was a good challenge. Client wanted the spider to be in blue as one of the GW style. I had to refer to some spider images for reference though. In fact, I found out that in reality, there is such thing as a blue spider, amazing!

arachnarok spider
arachnarok spider
arachnarok spider

arachnarok spider

Anyway, for the blue part of the Spider, it’s painted with new Kantor Blue, then wash with Nuln Oil. After that, its highlighted with a mix of Kantor Blue and Skull White. The textured surface were all dry brushed with light mix of Kantor Blue and Skull White. The underside eggs were painted with Tallarn Flash, washed with Agrax Earthshade and highlighted with a mix of Tallarn Flash and Skull White.

The Goblin platform was another challenge. The painting and colors was more of the usual wood, spider and Goblin colour. I guess its the details on the miniature platform and Goblins that was the challenge.

Golgfag Maneater
Golgfag Maneater

Next was Ogre Golgfag Maneater. I had lot of fun doing the worn and rustic armor and weapons. It was mostly done by Tin Bitz layer, then washed with Nuln Oil. Once the wash was dried, its then wash with a watered down Red Flesh. When all were dried, it was dry brushed with chain mail carefully over the edges and high areas. Its then wash a thinned wash of Kantor Blue for that oxidised effect on metal.

The Arachnarok and the Maneater definitely were an exciting miniatures to paint. I sure had lots of fun giving colours to these miniatures. The spider when painted left sitting on my painting desk definitely looked very real like a life-size big tarantula spider! In the mid of all the excitement, I forgot to snap pics of the miniatures packed in my standard packaging. But I am sure I did not leave any web behind… haha, cheers!

Ogre Maneater Pirate

“Treasure… more treasure!”

My pirate mood finally got my Orge Maneater Pirate all painted up already. After much research at pirates references and such, the colour of the clothes are usually of the brown colour family shades. So, my Ogre Maneater Pirate is much based around the colours of Citadel Snakebite Leather, Beastial Brown and Scorched Brown.

ogre maneater pirate

ogre maneater pirate

I imagined him dragging some looted some old lost treasures from some old wreck onto the shallow shores, and was shouting in joy with the rusting anchor of the wreck in one hand. The colour of the sand, were based more like the shallow beach sand colour. There are 2 puddles of water beside the Ogre which makes as if he is in the shallow sands of the water. The clear water effect is created with some gel and Tamiya clear acrylic paint.

With the Pirate mood, I am really considering to subscribe to GW White Dwarf and getting the Pirate White Dwarf… Hmm… more treasure, more X on the map… haha… cheers!

Working on Pirate Ogre Maneater

Past days been trying hard to squeeze time to pick up my brush, but at time tireness just over rule my body and mind. If only I can have the mind body of the Space Marines, where I can go on without sleep for the next few days, painting… haha!

Anyway, I was been working on my Dark Eldar Wyches, when the Ogre distracted me. With the recent release of Dreadfleet, and the recent hype of pirate miniatures, especially I’ve been drooling over Freebooters’ Pirate miniatures range, how can I not get infected with the Pirate bug… haha.

ogre maneater pirate

So, I finally managed to base and got some painting started for my Ogre Maneater Pirate. So far so good, but I’ve been pondering what skin colour for the Ogre, tough choice. Took me a while to dig out my old White Dwarf issues and my Ogre Kingdom army book for some references.

The base I am planning to base as if the Ogre is standing in some shallow waters where he managed to pull his treasure off some ship or so. It will be fun making the water, looking forward to finish the Ogre and get started on the base. Meantime, I will do some experiment to test first as well. Stay tuned… Cheers!

My Ogres

I guess by now, most of us would have heard of Warhammer Fantasy next new release to be on the way, The Ogre Kingdoms. For the miniatures sneak peek, just pop by Bells of lost Souls and there will be plenty of preview pictures. They are all so amazing!

There is a new trend in all the upcoming of Warhammer range. I mentioned this in one of my earlier post before, there are huge spiders for Orks, huge spinx for Tomb Kings…etc, now big rides for the Ogres! Most of the new release will feature some form of huge monsters or so. They are all on a large base. For the new Ogre to come, there will be the big colossal Stonehorn. I must say the sculpt is nice. Have been pretty attracted to dinosaur thingy. The last dino ride I like was the Lizardmen Stegadon.

ogre  maneaters

Speaking of Ogre, I just recalled I have my Ogre Maneaters collecting dust on my shelf. Not that I collect Ogre, but in the older previous Empire edition, I used the Ogre Maneaters as hired sword. This reminds me, I have a box of Ogre Leadbelchers as well. Suppose to be hired swords as well. Guess all these did not managed to make it to be painted and battled though. Maybe I should get my Ogre Maneaters painted, since new Ogre are coming soon. Good idea… let me get it base coated first. Cheers!