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Waagghh… Orcs and Goblins

Waaagghh… Orcs and Goblins has been partying with me in The Painting Shop the past weeks. Finally I managed to complete my Orcs and Goblins commissioned miniature painting.

The Orc standard and Goblin Hero were converted my client. Its more of a standard conservation and gluing it on base. Painting it was more of the usual feel of painting a standard Orcs and a standard Goblin.

orc standard
goblin hero

The other interesting miniatures that was fun to paint was the Night Goblin Command Set from Forgeworld. Assembling them up was easy and it was followed by cleaning and washing for resin miniatures. The Night Goblin standard was a bit imbalanced with the battle standard when assembled. I had to use a hair dryer to soften the banner pole slightly to adjust to have it balanced when placed on the table. The Boss on the Squig and the Shaman assembly were a breeze. Painting them wasn’t much of any issue. The Shaman does have an interesting sculpt though, painting it was like as if I am casting a spell on the Shaman.

night goblin standard
night goblin shaman
night goblin shaman
night goblin boss on squig
night goblin command set

Next I had 30 Black Orcs to do. The difficult part about messing with 30 Orcs were the assembling phase. I had to choose carefully the armed weapon arm to pose for each Orc so that they do not obstruct each other when they are placed in ranks. Took me almost a day to decide and assembled all the Black Orcs in place with 5 orcs each rank, in 5 ranks. Once assembled, the painting phase was pretty straight forward. As there were 30 Orcs to paint, I adopted a factory style production sequence of painting. Once production started, its goes on… and 30 Black Orcs are ready to charge!

black orcs
black orcs

This Orcs and Goblin project took me quite a while though. Had to juggle with work load recently, especially after the Chinese New Year. But still the experience of getting the miniatures completed has always been a very exciting and satisfying one. Nothing beats the satisfaction to see 30 Black Orcs all ready to charge at you, right? Cheers!

Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider and Wulfrik the Wanderer

Another commission project all done up, the Goblin Big Boss on his Giant Spider and Wulfrik the Wanderer.

The Goblin Boss’s Spider was a challenge to paint. Client wanted the same style as GW’s. Explored few methods to paint, and finally decided on to use the dry brush method. After base coat of Citadel Chaos Black, the spider was based with Citadel Kantor Blue, then washed with Citadel Nuln Oil. Once dried, the spider was dry brushed with Citadel Dheneb Stone over a few layers in a same rhythm stroke. The high points were then dry brushed with Skull White for the highlights. I was able to achieve as close as to the way GW painted on their website.

Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider
Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider

The Goblin Boss was as usual as exciting to paint as the Spider. The large amount of details and spider webbing was another challenge, pretty same experience and feel as the Giant Arachnarok Spider’s Goblins. Once completed, the Goblin Boss was glued to the throne on the Spider. I then based the base with sand, got it painted then grassed, and finally glued the spider onto the base.

Wulfrik the Wanderer
Wulfrik the Wanderer
Wulfrik the Wanderer

For Wulfrik, I must say there were a lot of details on his body. I was pretty lost when I started, really could not decide where to begin… haha. There were many detailed sculpt of human head collection trophies and skins. The exciting experience to painting Wulfrik was definitely all the prize trophies and details he had all over. Wulfrik does not have a major mass of colour to shade, but the amount of details on him took up most of the time in detailing painting him. I was thrilled for Wulfrik as I brought life to his trophies with colours and brushes!

painting shop packaging

Once the Goblin Boss and Wulfrik were all done, they were protected with purity seal and packed into the usual packing for my commission projects. Now they are all ready to deliver… cheers!

Empire, Paint and Thoughts

I am sure now all Empire fan would be rejoicing to the new release coming soon. I guess Empire was the last thought on my mind for a new release. Sort of caught me by surprise though I have always been following the rumours about new and next releases by Games Workshop. When Games Workshop started the trend of having big rare units of monster, ghost and machines, I was thinking Empire do seem to be lacking. Well, now they are here with all the new and exciting war altar, magical stuff, knights and new characters!

Definitely lot of thing to buy. Space is a constrain for me, next would be budget, haha. My shelves are already full and my painting is slower than the releases… haha. Was thinking I might consider not getting any miniatures yet. So when I am in the mood to paint them, then I will get them. Then again, what happen when sometimes the wait is too long and the miniatures are replaced with a new version or release, big headache… haha. So many to buy, Vampires, Empire, and paint!

Paint is another new thing I am looking forward to. Seems like the new organising of the paints by Games Workshop offers a very clear directive in painting. Still I am pretty concern with the new washes or they call it shades now. On the other hand, the new colour system and scheme sort of make me feel similar to Foundry miniature paint system. I have always wanted to try that, but with GW new paint, think I will skip that for now. Meantime, waiting for the new paint to arrive at my local store to try. Guess there will be changes and style to the way of painting with the new paint series. Cheers!

Vampire Counts Thoughts

Oh no… guess by now, everyone would have heard of the next new exciting release from Games Workshop! Vampire Counts! More pictures and stuff can be found on most of the blogs and on BOLs…

First, the trend in Warhammer Fantasy recent is each army having a huge monstrous unit of something. I am not surprised that Vampire Count is getting its hugh monster unit. The Coven Throne / Mortis Engine is amazing, simply amazing. The sculpt is so cool with all its undead ethereal host ferrying the Vampires Lords or so. Definitely cant wait to get a hold of it and paint.

The other unit that is definitely my favourite is the Black Knights / Hexwraiths. When I first saw it, this is what I would call a cool skeleton horses! The sculpt looks good, and I am definitely getting them for my Black Knights, which I have been searching for a good skeleton horses to convert for sooo long. I read, seem like Black Coach will not have any new sculpt. It would be cool to have a new Black Coach to add on to my current Black Coach. As for Isabella, she is definitely gonna accompany my Vampire Lord… haha.

I am still not so keen on the ghouls and zombies sort, cos my Vampire Army is base on all skeleton warriors of all sort, with lots of bats. Speaking of bats, wonder will there be any new rules or miniatures for the bats or so… Hmmm….

Ogre Maneater Pirate

“Treasure… more treasure!”

My pirate mood finally got my Orge Maneater Pirate all painted up already. After much research at pirates references and such, the colour of the clothes are usually of the brown colour family shades. So, my Ogre Maneater Pirate is much based around the colours of Citadel Snakebite Leather, Beastial Brown and Scorched Brown.

ogre maneater pirate

ogre maneater pirate

I imagined him dragging some looted some old lost treasures from some old wreck onto the shallow shores, and was shouting in joy with the rusting anchor of the wreck in one hand. The colour of the sand, were based more like the shallow beach sand colour. There are 2 puddles of water beside the Ogre which makes as if he is in the shallow sands of the water. The clear water effect is created with some gel and Tamiya clear acrylic paint.

With the Pirate mood, I am really considering to subscribe to GW White Dwarf and getting the Pirate White Dwarf… Hmm… more treasure, more X on the map… haha… cheers!

Raise my Undead! Vampire Count Necromancer

Few weeks back, I managed to get my Vampire Count Necromancer all done up at the last hour and got it submitted in time for The Rotten Harvest 2011 contest. The results for The Rotten Harvest contest – Witches and Warlock category is out now and I got a place in the 2nd position. Check out the other entries gallery here. Thank you everyone for voting and Wyrd for the great contest!

The Witches and Warlock category is for all miniatures Spellcasters from fantasy to sci-fi. At first, I thought of getting the freebooters miniature for this category, but after much rumbling through my shelves, I realized that my Vampire Count Necromancer fits the category completely. As the pose for the Necromancer sculpt is like as if he is casting a spell of sort, I thought he should be casting the Innvocation of Nekek spell, raising an undead skeleton warrior.

vampire count necromancer

vampire count necromancer

With the bitz and extras from the Vampire Count skeleton warrior sprue, I managed to convert half a skeleton warrior raising from a pool of skulls and bone. The stone slab and pool of skulls are from Games Workshop Citadel Hero Basing Kit which I got a while back. The arm for the skeleton I had to cut and re-oriented the wrist and the sword arm wrist to a pose as if the skeleton is pushing itself up from the pile of skulls.

The colour choice for the Necromancer I followed the theme and colour feel for my Vampire Count army. Guess after much research, Necromancer are usually in a darker tone of robes and cloak. Anyway, as my Necromancer is casting the spell from a dusty pools of skulls ruins… I finished the miniature with a dust of weathering powder, as if he has been around lurking around the dusty skull ruins for skeletons reinforements.

I sure had lot of fun converting and painting this Necromancer, sure adds a new dark energy to my Vampire Count Army. Raise my Undead! Cheers!

Working on Pirate Ogre Maneater

Past days been trying hard to squeeze time to pick up my brush, but at time tireness just over rule my body and mind. If only I can have the mind body of the Space Marines, where I can go on without sleep for the next few days, painting… haha!

Anyway, I was been working on my Dark Eldar Wyches, when the Ogre distracted me. With the recent release of Dreadfleet, and the recent hype of pirate miniatures, especially I’ve been drooling over Freebooters’ Pirate miniatures range, how can I not get infected with the Pirate bug… haha.

ogre maneater pirate

So, I finally managed to base and got some painting started for my Ogre Maneater Pirate. So far so good, but I’ve been pondering what skin colour for the Ogre, tough choice. Took me a while to dig out my old White Dwarf issues and my Ogre Kingdom army book for some references.

The base I am planning to base as if the Ogre is standing in some shallow waters where he managed to pull his treasure off some ship or so. It will be fun making the water, looking forward to finish the Ogre and get started on the base. Meantime, I will do some experiment to test first as well. Stay tuned… Cheers!

My Ogres

I guess by now, most of us would have heard of Warhammer Fantasy next new release to be on the way, The Ogre Kingdoms. For the miniatures sneak peek, just pop by Bells of lost Souls and there will be plenty of preview pictures. They are all so amazing!

There is a new trend in all the upcoming of Warhammer range. I mentioned this in one of my earlier post before, there are huge spiders for Orks, huge spinx for Tomb Kings…etc, now big rides for the Ogres! Most of the new release will feature some form of huge monsters or so. They are all on a large base. For the new Ogre to come, there will be the big colossal Stonehorn. I must say the sculpt is nice. Have been pretty attracted to dinosaur thingy. The last dino ride I like was the Lizardmen Stegadon.

ogre  maneaters

Speaking of Ogre, I just recalled I have my Ogre Maneaters collecting dust on my shelf. Not that I collect Ogre, but in the older previous Empire edition, I used the Ogre Maneaters as hired sword. This reminds me, I have a box of Ogre Leadbelchers as well. Suppose to be hired swords as well. Guess all these did not managed to make it to be painted and battled though. Maybe I should get my Ogre Maneaters painted, since new Ogre are coming soon. Good idea… let me get it base coated first. Cheers!

Vampire Counts’ New Screams

Vampire Counts have new releases and updated rules on new Cairn Wraith and Tomb Banshee. I was having the impression that the updated rules were for the rare unit choice for the Vampire Counts. But upon reading the details in the official rules in White Dwarf, it is stated as a Hero choice in a Vampire Count Army. Then what about the rare choice? Does it mean I can have a Cairn Wraith and/or Tomb Banshee as Hero choices, and also have a rare unit of Cairn Wraith? If you compare the stats for the Cairn Wraith, they are about the same, except the hero choice on having the special skills of Chill Grasp, for the cost of extra 10 more points. Any comments anyone?

Then, there is Hero Choice, this makes a stronger temptation for me to get these 2 new character hero. And, I guess I can only get these at my local Games store now, haha.

Comparing the sculpt for Cairn Wraith, I think the new Cairn Wraith is more updated as compared to the old ones. The new one having the swish feel like ghost swishing everywhere, like nowadays with ghost 3D animation movie. The old sculpt feel like old school of ghost floating across plains.

vampire counts wraithvampire counts howling banshee

The new Tomb Banshee feels more updated with a vampire theme feel dress. The old Banshee feel more like a runaway Victorian bride ghost. Still, I am getting these 2 new characters for my Vampire Counts collection. Then the Garden of Morr, looks so cool! A cemetery in my own backyard, haha. But the problem is I have no more land in my Painting Shop to hold a cemetery! Haha!

Nice Skeleton Horses

Was just browsing Games Workshop site this morning, just realized that The Tomb Kings new miniatures and army book are out released already. Fast isn’t it? Browsing around I still wished that GW had re-sculpt a nicer and better looking skeleton horse. The current range for the Tomb King skeleton horses still looked so silly and not fierce-some looking. It’s not that I wanna collect Tomb King, but I want some nice fierce-looking skeletons steeds for my Vampire Counts Black Knights conversion. In my earlier project, I just simply could not stand the old nightmare steed for my Vampire Counts Black Coach, that I had to convert them.

skeleton steeds

I came across recently that Foundry Miniatures released a new range of undead chariots, and there are skeleton steeds pulling the Chariots. I must say, these skeleton steeds are much better looking than GW’s. Probably maybe the pose could have been a more galloping looked, instead of the resting look. But still, the sculpt and bones design is much better than GW’s. I was so excited, that I was hoping they sell only the steeds, but seems like they only have it as a whole chariot ride set. Oh well, just have to keep a look out for nicer looking skeletons steed miniatures… cheers!