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Empire, Paint and Thoughts

I am sure now all Empire fan would be rejoicing to the new release coming soon. I guess Empire was the last thought on my mind for a new release. Sort of caught me by surprise though I have always been following the rumours about new and next releases by Games Workshop. When Games Workshop started the trend of having big rare units of monster, ghost and machines, I was thinking Empire do seem to be lacking. Well, now they are here with all the new and exciting war altar, magical stuff, knights and new characters!

Definitely lot of thing to buy. Space is a constrain for me, next would be budget, haha. My shelves are already full and my painting is slower than the releases… haha. Was thinking I might consider not getting any miniatures yet. So when I am in the mood to paint them, then I will get them. Then again, what happen when sometimes the wait is too long and the miniatures are replaced with a new version or release, big headache… haha. So many to buy, Vampires, Empire, and paint!

Paint is another new thing I am looking forward to. Seems like the new organising of the paints by Games Workshop offers a very clear directive in painting. Still I am pretty concern with the new washes or they call it shades now. On the other hand, the new colour system and scheme sort of make me feel similar to Foundry miniature paint system. I have always wanted to try that, but with GW new paint, think I will skip that for now. Meantime, waiting for the new paint to arrive at my local store to try. Guess there will be changes and style to the way of painting with the new paint series. Cheers!

More Wizards, more spells

While running through my stuff and piles, I realized actually I do have enough wizards to paint to represent a wizard for each of the Eight Lores of Magic.

For my Empire, I already have a Lore of Fire Wizard, and a white Wizard to represent Lore of the light. There’s 2 Necromancers in my Vampire count army, one of the Necromancer can represent the Lore of Death.

more wizards

old wizards sprue

I found some old Wizards sprue that actually I can paint up to represent the rest of the Lores of Magic. The Battle Wizards box set from the Empire miniatures would have much better details.

The old Wizards sculpt and cast were more flat and not much details. I was thinking since they do not have much physical details, I thought maybe during the painting stage, the robes could be painted with more details like patterns, symbols design and such. The acrane stuff they are holding can be painted with more details to elaborate the powers they are holding. Seems like a good idea, will be one of my projects to start off later on. Meantime, I am just finishing my Ogres Maneater, with the Pirate mood in mind… Cheers

The Thoughts of Storm of Magic

Wow, Games Workshop sure has a lot of surprises this year. So many miniatures so little time, haha. I am sure by now everyone would have heard the news about Warhammer Fantasy Storm of Magic happening in July this year.

I think the key points about the expansion is phrase “Monsters awaken from their slumber and are summoned from their lairs at the bidding of sorcerous masters.” On the preview, 2 sneak pictures of some of monster looking creatures were featured. One of them does looked like some breed of dragon of sort. My guess is that these will be monsterous creatures.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, there seems to be a trend for Games Workshop to have a large monster for each race. The Orks and Goblin had their share of giant spider and the Tomb King will have the giant Khemrian Warsphinx. Just as I was asking, what about my favourite Empire Army? Besides the usual monster already available in the Empire Zoo, I am guessing that since its magic we are taking about, it could be some monsters that are summoned by magic by Empire Wizards. Maybe its the Lore of the Beast, I do recall that one of the spells can transform the Wizard into a dragon or sort, and just a while back I had the idea of doing some conversion of the wizard transforming into a monster or dragon. If my guess is true, it would cool for Empire to have some sort monster or dragon running around, and stomping everything. This would definitely give me a chance to paint some monsters, should be looking forward to it. We will find out what the storm is about in July. Cheers!


I show you how to add White Wolves Cape on Calvary

For the Empire Knights White Wolves which I completed recently, I had White Wolves capes on all my Empire Knights.

The cape comes as a straight flow cape in the standard sprue, if the cape were to be assembled on the Knights on the calvary, the cape will need to be sort of folded upward or in a flow or fold that would rest on the horse back.

warhammer empire white wolves capeTo sort of convert or bend the White Wolves cape, first, I hold the cape with a tweezer over a lighter flame at a reasonable distance, not too near as this will melt the plastic, but at a suitable distance where the heat would soften the plastic cape. Once the plastic cape is soften, bend or fold it with a tweezer. Place it over the Knight back and see if it fits or so. If not, just repeat the steps again, but be careful not to melt the plastic cape.

warhammer empire white wolves capeOnce the plastic cape is harden, paint it and assemble on the back of the Empire Knights White Wolves, and White Wolves, Charge! Cheers!

White Wolves Charge!

Just when I had my 30 Warhammer Empire swordmen charging into battle, haha, I realized that I got 2 Warhammer Empire Knights White Wolves left behind unpainted. I had my unit of 8 Empire Knights White Wolves done quite awhile back, added 2 more Empire Knights to make a unit of 10 awhile back in the 7th edition time range. With the latest Empire army book, White Wolves are not longer as a unique core choice, but it is represented as Knightly Orders armed with great weapons.

empire knights white wolvesAfter the 2 Empire Knights were basecoat black, they have been stuck on the shelves among the back ranks. Still in a recent mood to complete those units or troops that are having few outstanding ones, I finally took them out from the ranks and painted them. And finally the 2 Warhammer Empire Knights White Wolves are all painted up, forming a unit of 10 White Wolves or Knightly Orders with Great Weapons. Managed to get the movement tray textured and painted as well!

empire knights white wolvesempire knights white wolves

White Wolves charge! FOR SIGMAR!

30 Empire Swordmen horde, finally done!

Finally… I got my last 5 Empire Swordmen all done up. This is the batch of 10 swordmen I started like few months back. Now I have a horde unit of 10 + 20 = 30 Empire Swordmen, all ready for battle. Was so excited to get it all done up, I even managed to texture the movement tray and got it painted as well.

30 Empire Swordmen

Come to think of it, the progress of recent for my 10 more swordmen for my 20 swordmen unit has been too slow. Probably I need to re-adjust my timing and deadline to fine tune the progress better… haha.

After I done up the swordmen, was running through my Empire Army, I think I probably try to will finish some of my extra knights and textured some more movement trays for the 10 knights unit… Need to re-evalulate my painting strategy and deadline…


Warhammer Empire teaser

Was shooting pictures of my completed Empire Swordmen and Vampire Count Skeleton Warriors the other day, thought maybe I could do a simple video teaser of the Empire Swordmen fighting the Vampire Count Skeleton Warriors.

Got my software and mess around. Its just a simple short 40 sec clips, enjoy, cheers!

At the village entrance of Lake Countford…

“Hold your fears! Hold…” screamed the Empire Swordmen Duellist. The handgunners detachment all had their fingers on their handgun’s trigger, all ready to heard the word fire to be shouted by their parent unit swordmen Duellist.

“FIRE! FIRE!” screamed the Duellist, Ulgrad Kane. He could feel the strain on his throat as he shouted the command, and thoughts of whether will he get a chance to drink some water to smooth his throat lingers at the back of his mind.

Priest Holenkane’s face turn red with fury and rage. He raised his hammer and shouted, “No FEAR!” The swordmen around him chanted with him… NO FEAR! NO FEAR!…. As the sound of chanting fills the air, the next moment, Priest Holenkane raised his holy hammer, his eyes all deep and heavy chanting, and a bright glow shine around the holy hammer.

He raised his holy hammer forward and shouted, “NO FEAR! CHARGE!!”

With that, all the swordmen were all filled with rage and a holy aura. They raised their blades and charged, all screaming, “No FEAR!”

We have Faith in Sigmar! FOR SIGMAR!

5 more Empire Swordmen to make 30 horde

Finally completed my 5 Empire Swordmen, making my unit of 20 Empire Swordmen to 25. Another 5 more to go to make a horde unit of 30.

5 warhammer empire swordmen

Come to think of it, I think I took more time than planned to complete the 5 swordmen. Need to push myself harder to keep up the deadline and targets, and watch some warhammer trailers to make myself more motivated, haha. When I placed the 5 completed Empire Swordmen to join the unit of 20 on a 30 men movement tray, wow, the feel is motivating. I had a sudden rush to quickly complete the last 5 more to make 30, and textured the movement tray. FOR SIGMAR!

25 warhammer empire swordmen

Meantime, let me get back to assemble up another 5 swordmen and simultaneously try to finish up my another 15 more skeletons warriors to make a horde of 40 skeletons for my vampire army… haha.


Swordman of the Empire, in progress

Still working on my Empire swordmen currently. Managed to complete one swordman the other day. I was comparing the swordman I painted way back early when I started the warhammer hobby. I guess the techniques and style is still me. Probably the detailing and highlights I guess I have grown and improved as compared to those I first started. Painting the swordman sure bring back memories of the battles I have fought with them. As I paint each stroke on the swordman, flashes of battle scenes of my swordmen struck my mind, haha.

empire banner

Still working on the rest of the swordmen, hopefully I can complete it by this week or next week. I did had a thought of maybe I could get a new box of the Empire State Troop as well. I guess the new miniatures are definitely much detailed and refined as compared to the early years one.

Empire Swordman vs Skeleton

For one difference I noticed, the swords for the new Empire State Troop miniatures are sharper and better looking then the previous ones. The previous one feel much like a thick metal slate which the blacksmith has forgotten to grind down to sharpness like the current swords… haha. Even the current skeletons warriors’ old and rusty sword looks better than the old Empire ones… haha. Think I will just stick with my current swordmen, still have enough to form another core unit, and decide later on when there is a need for a recruitment drive… haha.


Horde units in progress

Seems like with the new Fantasy 8th Edition new rules on the horde formation, I noticed there is always at least a horde unit in most people army list nowadays. Spend yesterday rumbling my boxes of stuff to gather more men for my Empire. Decided that I will add on another 10 swordmen to one of my exisiting 20 swordmen unit. This will make a horde unit of 30 swordmen, each 10 wide with 3 ranks. Just need another 10 more swordmen to be painted.

work in progress

Before the rumbling of the Empire men, I was messing with my Vampire Count Skeleton warriors. Managed to complete 5, 5 more to go which in the midst of it, I got distracted by the Empire swordman… haha. Seems like I am switching between Empire and Vampires. I think I will fill a horde unit of 40 skeleton warriors, this will leave me with another 15 more skeleton warriors to go. Its sure gonna be a busy horde painting session for the next few days and weeks.