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Raging Heroes Kickstarter Updates

Recently, when I received my update email for Raging Heroes kickstarter, upon opening my mail, I was lost for words. The miniature pictures rendering so far that is updated are simply amazing. I must say, I was really lost for words. First thing that comes to my mind, can I add-on more later when selection stage comes…

raging heroes

Wow. I must say, Raging Heroes sure has done a very good job in their kickstarter planning and their design and visual presentation are simply amazing. It definitely inspires and attract the audiences.
For now, I guess it’s at the design and computer render stage, lets hope that at the production stage quality it is kept to its best as its computer renders. Meantime, check out more at Raging Heroes. For now, I just have to wait patiently… cheers!

Kickstarter Frenzy – Raging Heroes – The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

raginghero1Oh no… Before I can recover from Deadzone, Bad Girls are here, Raging Heroes, The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy kickstarter! After months of suspense and waiting, Raging Heroes kickstarter is finally on!

I was in front of my computer waiting for the kickstarter count down to release. I was impressed with the concept visuals arts and preparations Raging Heroes had put into it. But before I could even understand the pledges options, almost all the early birds options were gone! And within few minutes of the launch, the project hit the target and it was funded! And within next hours, wow, it already hit six figures mark! This kickstarter is definitely gonna be a roller coaster ride! Meantime, I will slowly try to digest and decide what pledge to take on! Raging Heroes!

Raging Heroes Brunhilde mounted on a war steed

Just as I got settled down from the exciting new miniatures releases from Raging Heroes recently, there is yet another new release for pre-order.


Raging Heroes’ Brunhilde mounted on a war steed is now available for pre-order. She will comes in two versions, one in a Great Banner, another with a shield. I must say the sculpts are amazing and detailed. There is a special launch deal for the pre-order, guess I will be checking that out. More holes in my pocket, and not to forget, Raging Heroes Kickstarter is coming soon… Oh no!

Raging Heroes Von Königsmark Sisters Review

Finally I received my von Königsmark sisters limited edition box about a week plus back. Was expecting it to arrive around that time span as Raging Heroes got it shipped early January.

As I was already impressed with the Kurganova Sisters, I was expecting the same quality standard as well. True enough, the qualtity was just as my expectation, they were simply amazing. As usual, the metal cast were refine and almost no flashes or extra metal bitz poking out at all. The details were amazing as well. I was totally impressed with Gretchen von Königsmark sculpt which she had her tongue sticking out in a most refine pose and details. Definitely looking forward to painting.

von Königsmark sisters

Just as I was pretty happy with the Raging Heroes Sisters… Raging Heroes gonna have a Kickstarter! Oh no… I am still recovering my the last Kingdom Death Kickstarter… haha. Check out and follow Raging Heroes’ Kickstarter, they will be revealing more information the next few days. Cheers!

Raging Heroes Kurganova Sisters Review

I finally received my Raging Heroes Kurganova Sisters miniatures last week, after a long wait since its pre-order and release date.

The package came exactly like what was posted in Raging Heroes’ blog. Its stamped with a nice graphic of Charlie the War bulldog on a brown box cover. The content was wrapped in bubble wrap and the miniatures came packed in a small zipped plastic bag. I ordered the special edition pack which consisted of the three Kurganova Sisters, Charlie the War bulldog and extra mech sword weapons arms.

raging heroes kurganova sistersraging heroes kurganova sistersraging heroes kurganova sisters

The Kurganova sisters miniatures were casted in white metal. Upon opening and having a closer look at the sisters miniatures, I am impressed with the quality of the metal casted miniatures. The miniatures were very finely casted and details were very impressively fine and sharp, and Malinka Kurganova sure caught my full attention with her tongue sticking out, haha. There was very little trace of burrs and sharp pips in the miniatures. Comparing to GW’s old metal miniature range, GW previous metal range had way lots of burrs and sharp pips all over and had to be filed off carefully. Raging Heroes metal miniatures were all in a almost perfect cast, just clipped off the sprue and some light filing and clean up, and it ready for base coating. I must say, I am impressed!

Hmmm, with an awesome impression, I am tempted to get the Sci Fi Blood Vestals to represent my Dark Eldar Wyches or Bloodbrides!…

Raging Heroes’ Königsmark sisters

Raging Heroes miniatures released their new Königsmark sisters this week. It’s the Fantasy version of the Ivanka sisters. I recalled when I read the news that they are doing a fantasy version of the Ivanka sisters, I was eagerly looking forward to it. The release came faster than I anticipated, and I must say the Königsmark sisters looks as amazing as the Ivanka sisters…

raging heroes Konigsmarks

As usual on pre-order, Königsmark sisters comes in a limited edition and special pricing. Includes three exclusive bonuses, Walter their Renaissance dog, a crossbow for Gretchen and a war hammer for Brunhilde. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. The sisters definitely are very suitable for Warhammer Empire. Imagine, a female Captain, female Engineer and female Witchhunter, screaming commands down the frontline battle of Warhammer… wow! Cheers!

Raging Heroes’ Ivanka and her Sisters

Talk about babes and heroes, with the recent bombshell babes I just pledged, 3 more babes just jumped in, haha! Raging Heroes released a pre-order for Ivanda and her 2 sisters.

I have always wanted to get Ivanka from Raging Heroes, now with the special edition launch together with her 2 sisters, there is no better reason.

The Special edition comes with 3 Kurganova sisters, Charlie the war bulldog and different arms version. The sisters can definitely be use to represent a female Imperial Guard Commissioner. This remind me, in the Space Marine game, there was a female Imperial Guard Officer. Wonder if there is any other brand that could represent closely represent that…

Updated… Raging Heroes is planning a Fantasy version of the 3 Sisters…Wow… cant wait. Check out the concept they have on the site

Anyway, I will have to wait a while before the sisters ships… Cheers!