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Kickstarter Kingdom Death funded at 2 MILLION!

kingdom death monsterWow… Kingdom Death kickstarter ended with a huge bang of success of 2 million dollars! It’s been a long ride for me the past few days trying to come to a decision. The last few hours was updated with lots of rewards, so many choices!

My initial plan was to get the deluxe survivors set along with all the optional character rewards. But there were simply too many options rewards offering and the hole in my pocket will definitely be a super big one. Hard decision, in the end I decided to give up getting the game set (which I convinced myself that I probably wont be playing it so much vs painting the miniatures) and just get all the option rewards only. Also by not getting the deluxe game set, I can’t get my hands on the initial 4 resin survivors miniatures, oh no. Anyone changing their minds about the initial 4 resin survivors miniatures, let me now. Even with the rewards options only, it has already burned a big hole in my pocket!

I guess Adam from Kingdom Death will be a busy happy man now. Definitely looking forward to the miniatures this year-end. And once again, congratulations Adam… Cheers!

Kingdom Death Preacher

Kingdom Death Preacher was one of my entries for the M con contest in my earlier post. I recalled that I was pretty rush with the deadline and work, but I still managed to get the Preacher done just time.

I pictured the Preacher to be a motivational character bringing hope and life. I based her on a base with grass and flower. It’s like wherever she goes, she lifts her hand and waved, sign of life and hope blooms.

kingdom death preacher
kingdom death preacher
kingdom death preacher

For her attire, I wanted to experiment painting a translucent fabric effect. Her upper sleeves I wanted to achieve a transparent fabric that sort of see through her skin colour. I knew the concept is by layering of light watered colour repeatedly, but I guessed I got quite a little impatient and the colour was too much. Her stockings I wanted to achieve the stocking feel as well, guess same reason, I got a little too impatient as well. Probably its because of the deadline for the contest, that got the impatient urgency over me. I am not giving up, will try to experiment this effect for my other projects to come.

So much for Kingdom Death, next I will be doing the pinup Savior for the WAMP Kingdom Death contest. And not to forget Kingdom Death Monster kickstarter, its sure gonna burn a big hole in my pocket for me! Haha Cheers!

Kingdom Death Kickstarter Launched!

kingdom death monsterKingdom Death Kickstarter launch today Fri 23 Nov 2012. While I was working today, got the mail from Kingdom Death regarding the Kickstarter. I nearly forgotten all about it, blame it on work, haha.

Click on the link and check it out. Hoooo… Its simply amazing, and WOW the goal amount was nearly at its goal, missing only by a few thousand. By the time I read about the details, and which pledge level I would wanna go for, the goal was achieved already. Wow… $35k goal all pledged in a span of 1.5 hours just after its launch! WOW again! As I post this post, its already at 60k with its 55k stretch goal bonus achieved! I am guessing this kickstarter will definitely be a sky-high record (there is still 45 days to go!!!), maybe surpassing Relic Knights and Sedition War…. WOW!!

Be sure to check the Kickstarter here! Kingdom Death!

Kingdom Death Kickstarter!

Gosh… I am so excited about Kingdom Death Kickstarter which will be launching this Friday 23 Nov 2012.

kingdom death monster

Kingdom Death is a mature nightmare horror game. Their line of miniatures are incredibly amazing and detailed. Check out at their site. The Kickstarer will present their first miniature horror board game. I am really looking forward to the new miniatures and the game! Kingdom Death!

Commission Kingdom Death Flower Knight

Next commission, its my all time favourite miniature, Kingdom Death Flower Knight! I was definitely very excited to paint the Flower Knight. I myself have the Flower Knight as well. Guess I will be painting the Flower Knight 2 times.

kingdom death flower knight
kingdom death flower knight
kingdom death flower knight

The colour choice was requested by client so I followed as close to what he wanted. For the 50mm base, I used a resin base from Fenris. I assembled a stone wall with some cut up blue foam, twisted some wires and sculpted a tree.

Once the Flower Knight was assembled onto the resin base with the wall and tree sculpt, I can feel the essence of the forest and the power of the Flower Knight… Haha. This sure make me motivated to get my Kingdom Death miniatures to paint!

commission packup

So all my 6 miniatures all done up. As the 25th Anniversary Marine and the Flower Knight were very fragile, I had to blutack the miniatures to the base of a display case, and packed them in a box. Now, all ready to deliver!

Kingdom Death Flower Knight Encore Limited Release

kingdom death flower knightWow… I was surprised to receive a mailer from kingdom Death that there is an Encore Special release for the Flower Knight. Yes, the Flower Knight miniature from Kingdom Death that has won the TGN Reader’s Choice Awards and BOLs Readers Choice Finalist!

It’s an amazing sculpted miniature. I regretted not getting it when it was released earlier, now there is an Encore Special release, I wasted no time, and ordered it immediately!

The quantity is going super fast… as I published my post now in the afternoon, there is only 9 left!… Wow!

** Around dinner 6pm I checked… the Flower Knight is sold out already, wow… ! Only within a span of about few hours, all are sold out! Flower Knight you are amazing! Cheers!

Kingdom Death Pinup Savior and Survivors

Just received my christmas present I bought for myself yesterday, my Kingdom Death miniature. Gosh I was really excited about receiving it. The recent new release miniatures were snapped up quickly… and I still regret for hesitating and missing the Flower Knight. Still I managed to get my hands on the General release Savior, limited edition survivor male and female.

As always, opening the Kingdom Death package is always so exciting. The packaging is as usual packed in an impressive nicely sized designed brown box. Included in the box are small card size painting of the miniature and the incredible sculpted miniatures. Postcards of the painting of the miniatures were included as well. The limited edition Survivor male and female postcards were cased in a card case along with the limited edition number.

For the Pinup Savior, her sculpt is simply amazing. The female body is sculpted nicely and proportionally, able to bring the young and vibrant feel to the character. Her weapon and staff are on a separate sprue. They are very refined and intricate, I guess assembling them will need extra careful care. Her legs sculpt has small patches which at first I thought was some moulding defect, but upon looking at the postcard painting and comparing, I realised that it is because she has tear in her stocking. Those patch design on her legs are actually her stocking tear! Simple amazing!

Her short skirt on one side has some thinning and tiny holes in the moulding, which I guess will need some minor touching up. But the skirt is definitely designed in proportion thickness.

The cape she is having is a feather design. The cape is beautifully sculpted with each feather lined up very refinely. The thickness is of a nice reasonable proportion thickness as compared to other make of miniatures with cape design. Because it is thin, it feels very delicate and there are tiny holes along some of the feather strain. But I guess upon painting it, it should be good to portray a feather feel along with the tiny gaps and hole.

kingdom death saviour

For the Female Survivor, her sculpt is as amazing as the pinup savior. The texture feel is much smoother as compared to the savior probably cos of its armour deign and clothes. Her body is sculpted proportionally as well, along with nice and very amazing details of the armour and cloth sculpt. Her weapons and accessories sprue are very refined and detailed as well. One of my favourite is her hair sculpt which I like best. It has these layer design, like a nice salon hairstyle hair cut. What a hairstyle for a survivor! Now the next problem, should she wear the animal skull helmet which is amazing as well, or should she not… hmmm…

kingdom death survivor female

For the Male Survivor, his body attire and accessories are amazingly detailed with very refine texture. His clothe has tiny details of torn and tear, and those leather belts and buckle are simply detailed. The axe has a fine detailed wear and tear texture on it. On the body sculpt as compared to the female survivor, I feel he is a bit burly and slightly bigger than the female survivor in term of proportion.

kingdom death survivor male

Overall the miniatures have quite a few moulding flashes this time but cleaning it up should not be any issue. I am definitely looking forward to painting them. Meantime, let me have a second look at the miniatures again, they are amazing! Cheers!

Kingdom Death new miniatures ordered!

kingdom death new releaseJust last week, when I got Kingdom Death newsletter in my email, I was really excited about it. I knew it must be some new release for the coming festive period. And, upon clicking my mail, gosh, I was lost for words for the new released miniatures, simply awesome! Check out at Kingdom Death!

As I am collecting more to human natures type of miniatures figures, the male and female survivors caught my attention, along with the pin-up saviour. The Flower Knight and the Forge Priest were tempting me too. I was thinking which ones to get or should I get all 5 new miniatures. Just feeling flicker minded, I thought maybe I decide the next day which ones to order as I knew Kingdom Death resin release are always limited runs only.

Guess what on the next day…., just when I decided I wanted the awesome Flower Knight as well, it was sold out, sold out in just one night…. Oh nooo… The survivor female is running out, followed by the rest too… Quickly, I finally ordered the survivors and the saviour pin-up. Looking forward to getting them soon. Then just as I look at the Forge Priest, he looks good too… oh no… Cheers!

Kingdom Death – Great Game Hunter

My last bits of fine tuning and touching for my Kingdom Death Great Game Hunter took longer than expected. Now it’s finally all done up and uploaded for the Kingdom Death painting Contest. Other entries can be seem here as well. For now, I guess I will just have to wait for the results in a few weeks time.

Now, painting Kingdom death miniature has been a very exciting and fun experience. I truly had lot of fun painting the excellently detailed and smoothly sculpted miniature. After trimming and touching up the miniature, I had it washed in some soap water and rinsed. Base coated black as usual and continued the painting process after which.

I have been pondering the colour scheme for Great Game Hunter since I got my miniatures, but finally I decided to follow the colour scheme of the illustration on the printed card that came with the miniature. The illustration is well illustrated and its colour scheme is just too good to resist. See the details in my review here.

Now the story, I visioned the Great Game Hunter herself getting ready in her castle and for the great hunt. Her slave servant brought her prized crossbow to her as she is ready in her sacred circle of hunt. She can feel the slow fading heat from the setting sun through the stain glass behind her as she reached for the her crossbow.

kingdom death great game hunter

kingdom death great game hunter

It took me a while to decide what to do with the base though. Finally with the story and vision in mind, I decided to build a wall with a stain glass window as she gets ready for the big hunt. The wall is built with blue foam and the stain glass is built with brass wire and painting gel, along with the moasic on the base is hand painted. More about the stain glass later on.

miniature stain glass

Building the base was as exciting as painting the Great Game Hunter. When I had her finished and the base all done with up, secured glued to the base, I can really feel the story coming true and vision the Great Game Hunter getting ready for the hunt. It’s all so surreal…

Definitely lot of fun and had a great time painting Kingdom Death miniatures. Then, hmm, what would my story for Preacher pin-up be? Haha, back to more painting… Cheers!

Kingdom Death Miniatures Review

My Kingdom Death miniatures arrived this week in my mailbox. My first word was wow for first impression of Kingdom Death miniatures. When I opened the parcel package, 2 tiny boxes sit among the bubble wrap. The two small box were the packaging for the miniatures. Its just a simple brown box with a stamp print of the miniature’s illustration. I thought this packaging design is simple but in a way it still offer a elegant and professional feel to the product. I guess among the others small company miniatures I have ordered so far, Kingdom Death packaging was most impressive.

kingdom death miniatures

Upon opening the box of each of the miniature, I was greeted with a card size illustration of the miniatures, thank you card and the miniatures itself being sealed in a plastic bag. There were postcards of the miniatures illustration drawing included in the parcel package as well.

The Kingdom Death miniature Great Game Hunter comes in 3 parts. The Game Hunter herself is in a single piece cast. The details were amazing, the facial sculpt presented a very natural expression to it. When painted, I am sure this will bring out the best in the sculpt in the facial expression. The details on her body were finely detailed and nicely sculpted too. Mould lines were kept to a very minimal, with little flash which can be cleaned up easily. The other two parts which is the slave holding the weapon is also nicely sculpted. The slave’s skinny body with bones can be clearly seen on the sculpt. Overall, the sculpt is a nicely perfected sculpt which is a very tempting miniature to paint.

kingdom death miniatures

The Kingdom Death Preacher comes in a few parts. The head, torso, arms and legs are all separate parts. There are 2 head sculpt choice, one Preacher in glasses, and one without. Again, the details on the facial expression is nicely sculpted again. The glasses is nicely refined thinly sculpted as well. I guess we don’t usually see much glasses sculpt on miniatures though. Both head sculpts were amazing, now I am spoilt for choice to use which head. The legs thigh sculpt is beautifully sculpted with a smooth feel to it. With the nice head, torso and legs assembled together, I am sure the Preacher will be a very sexy miniature. Mould line and flashes were at minimal, but cutting and cleaning will be necessary for the torso and the other parts. The other issue I have been pondering about it, is when assembling or gluing up the Preacher, the hands to the arm has a very tiny surface area, I wonder how will super glue keep up to it. Then is it too small to be pined then glued? Hmm… I guess the extra hands given seem to imply that the assembling of the hand to the arm will be a challenge to come.

kingdom death miniatures

Oh ya… I am definitely looking forward to getting these 2 sexy miniatures painted, and which one will be for the Kingdom Death contest? It will be a challenge for me. Meantime, let me think about a story for the base mini diorama. Then should I use the given base or create a custom base for the diorama… Hmmm… Time to start thinking and more stories to tell… Cheers!