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Flames of War US P47 Thunderbolt

Air support is here for my US 7th Division. Managed to get my P47 Thunderbolt all done and ready to bomb some stuff. Painting an aircraft was sort of first time for me at this scale level. After much research for the colour scheme, decided follow the standard colour scheme as on the box itself.

The white silver body was first painted with Vallejo Chainmail Silver. Then I mixed white with Silver to sort of blend and tone the silver feel down for the body. The grooves were carefully lined with Secret Weapon Heavy Body Black wash. The red, black, yellow pattern were painted next. Once all done, I dusted with it some Secret Weapon Black Exhaust weathering powder for the fumes and carbon on the engine and gun area.

fow p47 thunderbolt

fow p47 thunderbolt

The Fow P47 does not comes with any propeller. Just the propeller tip was provided. I just felt that the plane does not look dynamic in flight without any propeller. After much looking around, I got the propeller from PropBlur. It’s a site that sells model propeller for aircraft. Base it black and glued it on the P47, and wow, the plane now look dynamic and lively in flight!

The flight stand provided was kind of short, as I felt in term of proportion to the height where a plane would attack, it should be maybe higher or taller. Wanted to extend the stand, but changed my mind after much rules reading for the game, I decided to just use the provided standard one.

Now, let get ready for some bombing for my next game. The last game when the P47 was unpainted, it did not managed to bomb anything at all. Haha, we all blame when its an unpainted miniature… Cheers!

Flames of War US 7th Armoured Division

My frenzy month of July I managed to get my entire Flames of War army completed. I am into the US army for Flames of war. Bought myself a box set of US tank company 7th Division, blisters of Tank Destroyer units and armoured mortar units. Before I could start, paint was an issue as I had to get the correct colour as close to the WWII US army. I followed the colour guide from the Flames of War articles as close as possible. Ordered online the Vallejo Model paint range to get things started.


Painting the miniatures and tanks was a challenge. For colours, I had to constantly refer to the colour guides and recommendation from the Flames of War site. Unlike painting fantasy sci-fi miniatures where colours can be free flow and creative, colour choice in Flames of War I like it to be as close as possible to the real colour scheme in WWII reality. After all, Flames of War is a lesson in history through gaming.

Flames of War Tank Destroyer
Flames of War Armoured Mortar Platoon
Flames of War Tank Company 1
Flames of War Tank Company 2
Flames of War Lt. Col. Creighton Abrams and Thunderbolt VII
Flames of War M7 Priest Battery
Flames of War US Objectives

For most of the tanks and vehicles I painted in this standard way. First, it is based in black as usual. Then it is followed by a base colour of Vallejo Violet Brown, and after that it is washed with Citadel Nuln oil. Once the wash is dried, a mixed white and Violet Brown is used to dry brush all around the vehicle or tank. Some of the high area, I further highlighted with the mix of white and Violet Brown. The tracks are then touched up with black, followed random dry brush of Citadel Bolt Gunmetal on the sides of the tracks. The sandy mud weathering effect is added by dry brushing using Citadel Snakebite Leather. The tool handles on the tanks and vehicles are painted with Vallejo Beige Brown, where the metals portion of the tools are painted with a mix of black and Citadel Bolt Gunmetal. These are then highlighted with a mix of white to the base colour respectively.

The decals given by Battlefront is not enough for every tanks in the 7th Armoured Division box set. And to add to the short of decals, the blisters armoured mortar M3 does not comes with decals as well. If I were add decals to all the tanks and vehicles and considering ordering from Battlefront or Wayland, I think its way too costly. In the end, I decided to use decals from Dom’s Decals. Dom’s Decals makes decals for Wings of Glory with most variation in size for WWII 15mm miniatures, and the price is very reasonable and cost-effective. So, my final 7th Division had all the decals applied from Dom’s. With the decals applied, the tanks and miniatures definitely looked amazing!

For the US soldiers, I followed the uniform guide from the Flames of war site. After base colour of Khaki is painted, I washed it with Citadel Agrax Earthshade. Then followed by highlight using mix of white and Vallejo Khaki. The rest of the pants and others, I washed with Citadel Nuln Oil, followed by a mix of white and its respective base colour for highlighting.

Flames of War M7 Priest Staff Team

To base the soldiers, I used Vallejo White Pumice. Once dried, I painted the Pumice with Citadel Scorched Brown, followed by dry brush of Citadel Snakebite Leather and white. After that, flock the base with green flock and static grass. I had a lot of fun painting the crew from the M7 Priest, especially the staff team. As they were sitting around a table discussing artillery plans, I added maps on the table with green stuff so that it looked more realistic. With the scene painted, the Staff Team definitely looks more focus and engrossed in their discussion!

Overall, I sure had lot of fun painting the Flames of War 15mm miniatures. Definitely a fun 15mm experience. Just that it’s a history game, so colour choice was definitely a strict selection with lots of research. With most tanks I need all done, I am looking forward to painting some infantry troops. In the meantime, I will need to settle some case for transport for my 7th Armoured Division and get ready for a game or two! Cheers!

Flames of War Achtung!

Yes… the first chapter for my Flames of War! Or rather second, first was my Blood Guts and Glory book. My order of Flames of War Achtung starter set has finally arrived from Wayland. Guess with Wayland moving and shifting, it did took a little longer than usual, but still no worries.

Flames of War Achtung

I ordered the Achtung set, token set, rangefinder and the artillery template. All the necessary tools and such to kick start playing Flames of War. The mini rule book is pretty handy I must say, would be easy to carry around for reading and learning Flames of War. But sad to say, my copy had a small scratch dent peel on the cover, battle damage! I will have it wrapped up and have its armour upgraded, haha!

The starter set came with 3 US Sherman and 2 German Stug. The moulding for the tanks look good, with very minor mould lines and flashes. The plastic is solid and having a firm feel to it. The details on the tanks are cool and amazing. The US tank commander is very finely detailed at a 15mm miniature I must say, and he has a mustache! Definitely looking forward to painting them. The German tank look good too… oh no…

Next order to be and on way would be the my US army tanks. Cheers!

Blood Guts and Glory here I come!

Yes, I am confirmed going into Flames of War. My copy of Blood Guts and Glory is finally here. I am into US army. So there will be tanks and armour troops. Browsing through the book, besides the army listing and amazing models photo shoot, there are quite a few articles on histories to read up. Sure bring back memories when I was studying WWII history lessons, haha. As a student last time, it was a chore to read and study about the WWII, now as an adult and from a gaming perspective, reading the WWII history is definitely very enriching.

blood guts glory

Painting 15mm miniatures is something new. As I have been painting 28mm or more for years, painting 15mm is definitely something I am looking forward to. The other thing that caught my attention a lot is Flame of War terrain. I was so inspired by the terrain featured in the Wargames Illustrated magazine when I got my first copy last month. More inspiration was also inspired by Melvin for his inspiring terrain when I had my first Flames of War demo game. Setting up or building up a town or farm or country side terrain for the battle fight is all so exciting as well.

Guess I have just set a new collection to collect, which will be collecting or building terrain for Flames of War, haha. But let me get my tanks and troops in first. Talk about tanks and cost, with just around S$300 plus spent, I am complete with my tank company, rulebook, token and even a US paint set to kick start Flames of War. All I can say, should thank GW for the embargo and price hike. Otherwise, I did not realized that there are many other fun games and reasonable pricing miniatures wargaming! Now, its, For History! Cheers!