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German Marking Decal from Dom’s Decals

My decals ordered from Dom’s decal are finally here. Order the 15mm WW2 German markings and the SS division badge decal for my Dust Tactics miniatures. Intend to use the SS Division badge marking to differentiate the units.


The decals were packed in a cardboard protected envelope when shipped, so the decals arrived in a perfect condition. Each sheet of decal was packed in a zipped bag as well, giving another protection. The symbols on the decal were layout in a most optimal design making full use of the decal paper size. I had not problem cutting out the decals and applying them (check out my earlier post on applying decals here). They worked well just like any other good quality decals.


When I completed my Dust Tactic miniatures, the miniatures having no German marking sure made the miniatures felt like there was something missing. Now with the German sign and badge marking, and along with the combat knives and ammo pouch upgrade from Victoria Miniature I had earlier, they definitely made the German troops more realistic looking… cool! Cheers!

Litko Dust Warefare Tokens

litko dust warefare tokenWhen I first got interested in Fantasy Flight Dust Warfare a while back, the first accessories the was needed for the game were the status tokens. There was no token available in the market for sale then. In the end, the next best choice was to make some token myself (check out my token here).

Now Litko has released a set of 100 tokens for the Dust Warfare game! Check it out. They are made from thick plastic and with all the status symbol on it. If you prefer a professional feel to a set of cool token and price isn’t a concern, then check out Litko. Cheers!

Dust Tactics Sturmpioniere

With my upgrades recently for my Dust Tactics Grenderiers and the motivation going, I managed to complete my Dust Tactics Sturmpioniere.

dust tactics sturmpioniere

I decided to go for the same colour theme with my Grenderiers as a standard uniform theme among the soldiers. Probably when I deal with the other special units or so, then I will have another set of colour scheme but following the same feel.

For the upgrades, Victoria Miniatures definitely have been very effective with the ammo pouches and the combat knives. And I am running out of bitz for the pouches and knives. Definitely will be ordering more from Victoria Miniatures.

Meantime, gonna start working on the Snipers and the Radio guys, at the same time, few commission project are coming up as well. Stay tuned… cheers!

Dust Tactic Battle Grenadiers upgrade

Yes… My Dust Tactics Battle Grenadiers finally got their upgrades. I managed to upgrade the combat knives and pouches with Victoria Miniature conversion bitz onto the 6 Dust Tactics Battle Grenadiers miniatures.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, the knives need a little tweaking and filing for the strap at the handle area. The pouches are straight forward with a little issue of clipping like I mentioned in my earlier post.

dust tactics battle grenadiers
dust tactics battle grenadiers

Gluing the knives and pouches were pretty direct application of CA glue with no problem. Once dried, its painting time. I painted the knives with a simple citadel gun-metal and wash. The pouches were painted with old citadel camo green, washed with Agrax Earthshade shade and highlighted with mix of skull white and camo green.

Now, my Battle Grenadiers are all ready, ready for assault with reloads ammo, and close combat with blades and knives… Now let me upgrade the rest of my Dust Tactic troops… Cheers!

Victoria Miniatures Conversion Bitz

I was searching for bitz of combat knives, ammo pouches and pistol holsters, when I came across Victoria Miniature.

Victoria Miniatures had just these bitz I needed to upgrade my Dust Tactic German miniatures. I have always felt that Dust Tactics German Grenadiers soldiers were a bit naked, with just only a rifle and armour.

Victoria miniatures is by Victoria Lamb, who is a female hobbyist with a GW Slayer Sword! Check out the some of the bitz and miniatures she carries on her store!

victoria miniature bitz

The ammo pouches came in nine pieces on a white metal sprue. There were a total of 1 large, 2 medium and 6 small pouches. The sculpts were ok with reasonable details. The only issue I had, was the pouches were sort of too close together. Clipping off the pouches from the sprue needed extra care. The small pouches posed a challenge as well. After clipping off, it took a bit of extra care to hold the pouch and file off the extra material from the cut off. I had my pouch drop a few times while trying to file, but phew, none was lost.

The combat Knives were of the same quality like the pouches. Only that the strap to the knives was a bit mess up which needed some filing and bending to adjust the strap. Other than that, the combat knives looked great!

The pistol holster was pretty straight forward in casting. The details and the sprue were ok. But I did not noticed that the pistol holster was sculpted empty with no pistol. I only found that out when I was about to use them. And to add, it was a left side pistol holster. Guess I totally missed this details when I was ordering. I wanted a right holster with pistol though. Guess I will settle for the knives and pouches.

Overall, the bitz were ok, they worked well with my Dust Tactic German which I have tested them on. Meantime, let me go finish my Grenadiers upgrades… Stay tuned! cheers!

Dust Tactics Battle Grenadiers

Back in time! Feels like WWII and Dust is everywhere! Got my Dust Tactics Battle Grenadiers miniatures all painted finally.

It took me a while to decide what colour scheme for the Dust Tactics Battle Grenadiers. Initially, I wanted to paint the Axis Germans with the usual german grey green uniform colour. But after much surfing and research, finally decided on a brownish grey sort colour for the uniform and the dark german green for the armour.

dust tactics battle grenadiers
dust tactics battle grenadiers

Next, getting the colour right was another issue. I knew Vallejo range of model colour would definitely have the correct german colours. But I did not want to wait for shipping ordering from overseas, so I resort of trying to get the colour range as close as possible from GW citadel colour range.

The uniform I got it painted in citadel Karak Stone, then washed it down with Devlan Mud. Highlighted it with Karak Stone with a light mix of Skull White, and the uniform is done.

The armour, I used citadel Waagh Green mixed with a little Chaos Black to darken the green. Then washed it down further with Bedab Black. Once dried, it is highlighted with Waagh green along with light mix of Skull White.

The colour on the whole is not really as close as if its Vallejo colour, but still its ok. Guess the rest of my Dust miniatures I will go along with this colour scheme.

I have another issue with the Grenadiers though. The soldiers’ belt have no ammo pouch or battle knife or any accessories at all. I am gonna try to hunt around for bitz and accessorized them. Oh, and there are no decals as well. I finally decided that I will settle the decals using Dom’s Decal. Dust models decal does not have enough of the german sign. Once all my accessories are in, the Dust Grenadiers will get their upgrades! stay tuned!… cheers!

Dust Warfare Tokens

Managed to squeeze some time amid my commission paintings and work deadline to deal with the Dust Warfare Tokens. Had mine first intro demo game of Dust Warfare few weeks back. I must its rules were refreshing and interesting comparing to GW’s which I have been messing with all these years. Definitely will be playing more games and waiting for my orders of walkers to come.

For the game play, you will need tokens to represent the different state which your troops is in. Get shot at, supressed token, enemies moving near you, reaction token… and a whole lot of other tokens needed as well. There isn’t any token available for sale. Its only given as template at the back of the Dust Warfare book, where you can use to create the tokens. I have emailed Dust before asking will there be official tokens available in the near future, seem like not.

Anyway, after much sourcing and researching around, I managed to whip up my own tokens. The templates for the token can be downloaded from Fantasy Flight site in PDF files. For the tokens, I happened to come across some token available at my local gaming store. They are chips from Koplow Games. Size and thickness is just right, with a diameter of 19mm and thickness of 2mm.

dust warfare tokens
dust warfare tokens

I downloaded the PDF files and resized, layout and have it printed on a label sticker paper. Cut up each circle token of 14mm with a circle cutter from OLFA and pasted it on the token center. The circle cuter is really cool, making cutting out a circle a breeze. And, wow, nice little token with a transparent ring around. Managed to cut and paste a complete set of tokens exact amount from the pages of the Dust Warfare rule book. Now to pack them nicely and get ready for the coming Dust battles… Cheers!

Dust Tactic Axis Laser Grenadier Squad first look

I was at my local store yesterday, when I saw the Dust Tactic miniatures. One of the box just caught my attention and I just could not resist it. I bought myself a box of the Dust Tactics miniatures, Axis Laser Grenadiers Squad. It simple reminded me of the Japanese anime Jin Roh, which is so cool!

All along after viewing some of the review videos online and such for Dust, my thoughts of Dust Tactic miniatures has always been imprinted with an impression that its more toy like than serious detailed miniature like GW’s. Not expecting anything amazing, I opened my first box of Dust Tactics.

Dust Tactic Axis Laser Grenadier Squad
Dust Tactic Axis Laser Grenadier Squad
Dust Tactic Axis Laser Grenadier SquadEach Dust Tactics miniature is packed neatly and wrapped in a small zipped bag. Included is a card stats for the Grenadier as well. Once they are unwrapped, I must say, I am impressed. The miniature comes based coated in grey colour already, which makes it convenient if one need to start painting straight away. The quality of the plastic feels good. It’s a bit slightly softer with a little rubber feel if compared to GW’s typical plastic type. The details on the miniature are nicely sculpted as well. There are slight mould lines here and there on the miniature, but I guess it can be cleaned up if you are into detailed modelling.

The miniature’s waist and head can be turned or rotated for a different angle post. The only thing is, there is a slight gap on the waist, as the torso is rotateable. I guess this can be fill up with green stuff and sealed up with a permanent pose. (check out the comments where Allan offer tips for fixing the gaps) Finally, the miniature is nicely sited on a base with a metal hatch texture.

If painting is not your area, I guess straight out of the box, they good to go for battle! For me, I got to have it painted before they are into battle! So Dust is cool to anticipate that their products will appeal to 2 groups of people.

Overall, I am impressed with the quality and sculpt of the Dust Tactics miniatures. For a board game with expansions, it left me with a totally different set of impression, Wow! I guess, I am looking forward to getting it painted and possibly gaming with it! More Dust! Cheers!