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Confessor and Preacher

I was reading this month White Dwarf hot issue on the Sister of Battle Codex. Browsing at the list and new amends, the faiths points has a different system. Comparing to Witchhunters, guess I prefer the old system though. Then and now there is only sister as troops choice, no others. Guess Sisters are now all alone, with no allies, like Grey Knights. Check out a detailed First Take on Sister from BOLS.

For HQ there are confessors and Preacher as elites, which reminded me that I do recall having some preacher or confessor miniatures chucked somewhere. Decided to dig out my pile of blisters, and guess what I found.

I have a confessor, 2 Jocobus (which I don’t recall buying 2 though, haha), 2 Imperial Missionaries and 1 preacher! What a great find. Now I have many options for confessor and preacher miniatures.

Among my blisters pile I found some blisters of my Sister with meltagun had its black sponge packing disintegrated to sticky powder sponge. Guess with environment and time, the sponge had its time. Managed to clean the disintegrated sponge from the blister and pack back the Sisters. With my Grey Knights and Dark Eldar in the queue for painting, hopefully I can reach my Sister by end of this year? Haha. Cheers!

Inquisition and Deathwatch thoughts

Recently came across Fantasy Flight site revealing about the new Space Marines Deathwatch RPG. Saw the video intro and interview, sure made me felt inspired about my Inquisitions.

But as of current, the fate of the Inquisition codex is still everyone’s guess. But the recent PDF updates on the 2 Inquisitions, DemonHunters and Witchhunters, has got everyone talking about the allied support being removed. But in the recent update entry on Games Workshop site has clarified that the PDF updates does not supersede the codex. Like I mentioned before in in my earlier post, its mutual agreement between 2 players which codex or PDF update they wanna follow to get a game going.

This remind me of years ago when they first introduced Demonhunters, (loved the 40k Grey Knights since, and loving now still, haha) after which there was the rumour of the 3 Inquisitions, Demonhunters, Witchhunters and Alienhunters, I guess the Alien part did not happened. Back then I was anticipating the Alien Hunter released, wishing for Deathwatch new miniatures… haha. Well, all this never happen, but seriously was the rumour about the Alien Hunters ever true, or did anyone ever have solid evidence of it being true. Sure sounds like something the Inquisition would investigate… haha.

Looking at the art work for the Deathwatch on the Fantasy Flight site, sure makes me wanna start a unit of Deathwatch. This reminded me, the rules for filling Death is in which Issue of White Dwarf… let me dig that out. And, currently there’s only the Deathwatch Kill Team Conversion Kit available on GW site only. I think GW did released box set of it way before… wasted, should have gotten it back then.

By the way, since Fantasy Flight does RPG games, has anyone played Warhammer or Warhammer 40k RPG, maybe can share some gaming experience? I would imagine playing Inquisition would be cool… now, imagine, playing Deathwatch, wow… I can feel the character and the power armour already…haha.


40k Inquisition request for allied assistance…

The Inquisitor stared in disbelief as the screen flickered the messages…

++++CASE FILE 14256 B:AA xF6++++
Please enter your authority code > ************
Welcome, Inquisitor.
Request for allied assistance…
Access Denied…
Request Prohibited…

Its a sad day for the Warhammer 40k Inquisitions. The Demonhunters Codex and Witchhunters Codex are available for download at the Games workshop site already. Well, its a sign that changes will come, soon or not, that another question.

The sad part is that both Inquisitions have no allied option anymore. This is left with only fielding a pure Inquisition army only. Just when my 40k Imperial Guards are ready to aid the Inquistions on any mission, they are no longer available. I guess this is a sign of change to come. Let’s hope the change is good.

I managed to download all the language versions of the Demonhunters and Witchhunters codex. There are some errata still among some of the Demonhunters PDF codex.

In the English version, which is common for the UK, US, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Netherlands, the section for the allied option is taken off and replaced with graphics of the 40k Inquisition.

In the German, Spain and Italy version, the section for the allied option is still available. The France version had a black and white cover instead of the colored one, and the allied option is not available like the English ones. I think its a mistake, probably one of the designer forgot to remove it.

For the Witchhunters Codex, it seems consistent with no errors except only the German version cover is in black and white only.

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With the allied option not available, the Demonhunters and Witchhunters cannot assist each other in any missions anymore, and also not able to request allied help from the Imperials Guards or the Space Marines. So, it will leave to mutual agreement by both gamers if they wanna still follow the codex rules or the PDF codex rule in a gaming session.

With that, I guess its also mark the end of the line for a Radical Demonhunter. With no support from Space Marines or Imperial Guards, and no support from the Grey Knights, this will leave the Radical Demonhunter having not much troop choice, except for Inquisitorial Storm Troopers. It will be tough to game with it having little troop choice and no heavy support options as well. Just when I have enough Imperial Guards to ally the Radical Demonhunter to have a game with, this option suddenly is blanked out.

In the recent news and posts on Games Workshop site, the Storm Troopers are having a new packaging and it’s being promoted again. The last time when they released the Imperial Guards Karskin, the Storm Troopers was archived under the classic collectors range. Not sure what is the future for the Storm Troopers. Are we gonna get any new Storm Troopers miniatures soon? Well, we’ll have to wait and see what’s the future for the Inquisition.


Warhammer 40k Battle Missions!

Battle Mission! The expansion Battle Mission for Warhammer 40K is already available on Games Workshop website for advance order. Check it out!

Read the details and rumours of what it is about on Warseer forum. Kind of disappointed that there are no missions for Inquisitions Demonhunter and Witchhunter. Sort of killed my eagerness of looking forward to it. Was also expecting maybe a release of the Imperial Guards  Hydra, Medusa, Colossus or Griffon tanks, but instead its just a updated Basilisk.

The Chimera is a new one with the new side design. Looking at the sprue at Games workshop site, the Chimera include alot of extra weapons and stuffs. It include turret-mounted multi-laser, heavy flamer and heavy bolter, a hull-mounted heavy flamer, heavy bolter and hunter-killer missile and plus two different tank commanders. Looking closer I also saw it include some tank accessories as well, like pintle mounted storm bolter, heavy stubber and dozer blade, track Guards are not included though. Well, I still need to purchase the accessories sprue for my Hellhound and Leman Russ…

The Basilisk is updated with the new Chimera side design. Other than that, its about the same as the previous one. It include the accessory sprue as well.

Still, I am looking forward to get a copy of the Battle Mission book to read, in the meantime, FOR THE EMPEROR!

Warhammer 40k Inquisitions

Been reading rumours here and there from BOLs and Warseer about the Inquisitions. Not sure if it will be stop or is there a new version.  Seem like on the GW online stores, Witchhunters Sisters’ is not no longer available in the box set of 10 sisters. There’s only the blisters of 3 sisters only. For Grey knights, its still there on the GW online store.

Not sure what GW is doing to the Inquistions, let hope they will revise it and kill it off the shelves. But I do feel they wont kill it, but there will be a revision. But as to what it is, no new or rumours yet. So far, only rumours from BOLs mentioning that there are concept arts for Demonhunter and Witchhunters, and also new miniatures for Grey Knights Terminators. Being an Inquisition fan all these years, I am definately looking forward to these rumours being come true.

Which reminds me that, I still have many many Sisters not painted and Grey Knights, Inquistors all piled up on the shelves. Hmm, remind me of my Favourite Captain Stern I have  not painted yet all these years…haha. Managed to snap some picts of my Inquisitions….

Warhammer 40k Inquisitor and Retinue

Grey Knights Terminators

Witch Hunter Sisters