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Its about time, Stormtroopers!

40k stormtrooperThough I am not so much into GW stuff of recent already, but the recent rumour and schedule line up for one of them really got me excited again, 40k Imperial Guards Stormtroopers!

Seems like the Stormtroopers will be in a box of plastic 5-man, which can be assembled as veteran or Stormtroopers. The Stormtroopers are definitely way overdued very long. Ever since the last Imperial Guards codex released, there was no mention of the Stormtroopers. I am a fan of the Stormtroopers. When Grey Knights got the Stormtroopers left out in the last codex, I was disappointed.

Now it seems like there is some hope for the Stormtroopers! Meantime, its time to save some gold coin for the Stormtroopers coming next year, as they don’t come cheap from GW. Cheers!

Reinforcement, Stormtroopers!

Definitely this is one of the rumours I have been waiting for a long time. Stormtroopers! Ever since 40k Imperial Guards been released, the silent of the Stormtroopers have been bugging me alot.

40k stormtrooper

The wait is over, or not yet. Its rumoured to be in Q1 of 2012, as I read from BOLs. Just the other day, I was looking at my Imperial Guards and wondering how can I convert and paint a veterans squad. Guess the rumoured Stormtrooper kit can be assembled as veterans as well. So, I guess I will just wait for the reinforcements, instead of converting… haha. Then there will be options for specials weapons available in the sprues likely. Hopefully the kit will have lots of special weapons choice, like most of the miniatures released nowadays. With plenty of special weapons options in plastic, the room for conversion looks good.

The rest of the tanks like Hydra, Griffon, Medusa, Colossus are rumoured too. This releases will fill all the Imperial Guards tanks available. Now, or rather later, all the miniature tanks for the Imperial Guards will be completed. Which this means… more tanks to buy and I have not painted any of my tanks yet… haha. Cheers!


Stormtroopers, where are all of you?

Yes… the Grey Knights are finally released this weekend! My advance order should be on the long flight to me now. Probably should be receiving them by the end of next week or later.

Saw various Grey Knights army lists being experimented and listed online and also the list from the recent White Dwarf. The army list are all pure Grey Knights army list, mainly with Grey Knights and Terminators, supported with the various Dreadknights and tanks. It’s the same like the typical Grey Knight army which I listed with Daemonhunters except with… With all the hype and excitement suddenly I recall something. What happen to the Stormtroopers, or rather the Inquisitorial Stormtroopers?

Demonhunter Inquisition StormtroopersSuddenly there was no more rumours focusing on the Stormtroopers. What happen? Since the last Imperial Guards release, the Stormtroopers are sort of left out in the dark. There was not even any pictures of miniatures of the Stormtroopers in the codex. Online stores does not seem to stock even the Kasrkin. For now, the Stormtroopers and Kasrkin are only available from direct order from GW.

I still remember my first attraction to the world of 40k was the Stormtroopers, cool mask and heavy armour. In my Daemonhunter previously, I always have 2 units of Stormtroopers in Rhino, rushing forward to the heat of the fight, followed by the Grey Knights in support and to finish the job. In the new Grey Knights codex, the Inquisitor can have some sort of henchmen which can consider or be represented by the Stormtroopers. But they are still not the Stormtroopers. Just felt like there is not much choice for other troop choice besides the Grey Knights. Meantime, I will just wait for my Grey Knights Codex to arrive, and digest the fluff of it…

So, with the forecast rumours of the next few releases, I don’t see any slot for the Stormtroopers, or maybe a surprise release? Anyone has any insight or any rumours to puff along? Stormtroopers I miss you all… haha! Cheers!

I show you how to paint 40k plasma gun glow effect

Managed to get all my Imperial Guard Plasma guys to all fall in and have their plasma gun all checked, serviced and cleaned, such that the chances of GET HOT is drop to lowest possibility… haha. I meant, I painted the plasma gun with blue glows for all my Imperial Guard Plasma Guardmen. I will show you how to paint the 40k plasma glow effect.

1. Let starts off with the miniature Imperial Guardman already painted and the plasma section unpainted.

Imperial Guard Plasma Guardman

2. Mix Citadel Midnight Blue and Skull White, dry brush gently on the grid section of the plasma gun.

Imperial Guard Plasma Guardman

3. Take a small amount of Skull White and dry brush gently on the plasma grid section. If you happen to smudge the grids while dry bushing, when its dried, wash it down with a thin layer of Citadel Badab Black wash.

Imperial Guard Plasma Guardman

4. When its dried, dry brush another layer of Skull White, stressing more on the edge of the plasma gun.

Imperial Guard Plasma Guardman

5. Mix Citadel Midnight Blue and Skull White again, dry brush gently on the edges around the grid section of the plasma gun, creating a glow effect all round.

Imperial Guard Plasma Guardman

And, wa, the Plasma Guardman looks good with the glowing feel. Sure feels like its gonna burn and melt some stuff.

Command Squad 306 Plasma Guardman! Command Squad 802 Plasma Guardman! Command Squad 707 Plasma Guardman! Squad 501 Plasma Guardman!… FALL IN!

Imperial Guard Plasma Guardmen
Imperial Guard Plasma Guardmen


Imperial Guard Cadian HQ Command Squad

Yes… Finally finished my Imperial Guard Cadian HQ command squad. Suddenly I can feel the sense of command, it made me stood up and shouted “Cadians, Platoon fall in!” in my painting shop, awesome feel of commander authority and power, haha. Now my Commander can issue commands to the platoon command squad efficiently! My Imperial Guard Cadian HQ command Squad consist of the Commander (converted, see my earlier post), Voxcaster Guardman, Banner Guardman, Plasma Guardman and a Heavy Flamer guardman.

imperial guard hq command squad

imperial guard hq command squad

Fantasy mood seems to be catching on… what’s my next project?


How tall is a Warhammer 40k Space Marine?

A question pops to my head when I was just painting my Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard banner… How tall is a Warhammer 40k Space Marine? Seems like the miniature proportion for the space marine vs a typical Imperial Guard guardman is like not so right, right?

I guess from the fluff and stories about 40k Space Marines, they are supposed to be about like 2 meters tall after all the genetic enhancements. With the power armour and helmet all fitted on, I would say the Space Marines would be standing at a height of about around 2.5 meters tall or more slightly. For a typical Imperial Guard guardman, the general height would be around 1.75 meters tall or more slightly.

The proportion of the miniature for the Space Marines vs the Guardman is not really to scale as what would be described in the fluff and novels. Though Game Workshop has released new miniatures now and then, seems like the scale factor has not been updated. Then again, in proportion to the vehicles as well, I think its also a mismatch to scale. I cant imagine a squad of 10 Space Marines come jumping out of the Space Marine Rhino tank… haha. It will be a super tight squeeze in the Rhino tank. Let’s check out the height comparsion of the Space Marine and a typical Imperial Guard.

Miniature Height

Imperial Guard Guardman = 3cm or 0.03m

Space Marines = 3.3cm or 0.033m

Actual Height

Imperial Guard Guardman = 1.75m (average human height)

Space Marines = 2.5m (in power armour)

If compared the actual human height for a Imperial Guard Guardman to the miniature Imperial Guard Guardman, the scale factor = 58.3.

So, if we were to convert the Space Marine actual height to the miniature Space Marine height, the Space Marine miniature would be at 2.5/58.3 = 0.043m, convert to cm = 4.3cm

space marine height

I have done up a rough height analysis using a digital imaging software. (The Space Marine and the Imperial Guard guardman in the above image is still unfinished.) If the Space Marine is to be proportion to the miniature actual size as what is described in the fluff, it would be as shown from the image above. Gosh they would be big and awesome, like what would be describe in the Black Library novels. I can imagine what would the terminators be like, wa… much bigger.


Argh… My Plasma Gun is glowing!

I am still currently working my HQ Command Squad. Almost finishing, left only the camouflage patterns and the banner. I have a guardman who is armed with a Plasma gun. Was just wondering what colour choice to paint the plasma gun grid section, decided on a typical blue glow effect. Then I asked all my Imperial guards Plasma Guardmen all to fall in, and I realised I painted different guardmen’s plasma gun grid section different colour.  Then I wondered, what is actually the colour of a plasma gun glow?

40k Imperial Guards Plasma Guardman

Did some read up on plasma gun though. In gameplay or our imagination, I guess plasma is like a gun that can fire a jet of ray which is high energy and can almost burn or melt through anything. In reality, plasma is called dense plasma focus (DPF), it can produce a sort of ray by electromagnetic acceleration and compression. There a lot of science theory about the real world plasma technology. You can read about it at Wikipedia here. There’s also another Wikipedia entries that talks about plasma gun from a science fiction point of view, see here. It covers all the different type of plasma gun, and include my favourite X-com as well.

Whatever it is, plasma gun burn and melt stuff. In our 40k world, it gets real hot at times, and can burn the guardman himself. My next question, what is the actual colour of the plasma glow though? I think most PC games or other video games would feature plasma having a blue glow somewhere on the weapon itself. Seems like blue would feel like a nicer glow colour choice. Anyone have any suggestion for a better looking plasma glow colour?

Another thing that I wondered as well, if a weapon has a glow around it, even if you are hiding in camouflage, the glow from the gun itself would have given you away from your hiding place or so. So is it that the plasma gun only glows when the weapon is fired, or is it always glowing even if its not fired? Hmmm… any clue, haha… anyone? I will show you how to paint a plasma glow later on, stay tuned.


I show you how to paint 40k Imperial Guards Heavy Flamer

I am still working on my 40k Imperial Guards HQ command squad. Thought I show a step by step on how the Imperial Guards Heavy Flamer Guardman was painted. As there is only Imperial Guard flamer available on the 40k Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troops box set, if one need a heavy flamer, one would have to perform an imperial guard conversion to convert a heavy flamer. You can see my earlier post on how it was converted.

Here’s how I got my 40k Imperial Guard Heavy Flamer painted…

1. Base coat the Imperial Guard Miniature with Citadel Chaos Black.

40k Imperial Guards Heavy Flamer Guardman

2. Paint the boots with Citadel Graveyard  Earth and the uniform & helmet with Citadel Bleached Bone.

40k Imperial Guards Heavy Flamer Guardman

3. Paint the flamer head and other details with Citadel Bolt gun metal. The gas tank and the flamer gun body is painted with Citadel Catachan Green.

40k Imperial Guards Heavy Flamer Guardman

4. Paint the flamer strap, hands and face with Citadel Beastial Brown. The flamer switch and connector are painted with Citadel Tin Bitz

40k Imperial Guards Heavy Flamer Guardman

5. Mix Citadel Bleached Bone with a little Citadel Chaos Black to form a grey mixture for the uniform.

40k Imperial Guards Heavy Flamer Guardman

6. Wash the boots, gas tank, waist pouch, knife and flamer with Citadel Badab Black.

40k Imperial Guards Heavy flamer guardman

7. After the wash has dried, base the miniature with sand (was in mood to base, usually I would base when I am done with everything.)

40k Imperial Guards Heavy flamer guardman

8. When the sand base is dried, paint the sand with Citadel Scorched Brown.

Blend the uniform & helmet with  a mix of Citadel Bleached Bone and a little Chaos Black, then highlight the high points on the uniform and helmet with Citadel Bleached Bone.

40k Imperial Guards Heavy flamer guardman

9. The gas tank, pouch and bottle was blended and highlighted with a mix of Citadel Catachan Green and white.

The skin and face is layered and blend with a mix of Citadel Beastial Brown and Citadel Elf Flash, followed by highlights with Citadel Elf Flesh.

The bolt gun metal parts are dry brushed with Citadel Mithril Silver. The Head of the flamer was then dry brushed with Citadel Chaos Black.

The boots was highlighted with a mix of Citadel Graveyard Earth and Skull white.

The Base was dried brush with Citadel Beastial Brown, followed by Snakebite Leather and finally Skull White.

(Was so engrossed in the highlighting and blending that I forgot to snap pictures of it until I realised I was done.)

40k Imperial Guards Heavy flamer guardman

10. The flamer gun body is dried brush with Sunburst Yellow.

40k Imperial Guards Heavy Flamer Guardman

11. Last but not least, painted the camo pattern with Citadel Graveyard Earth on the uniform and helmet.

The camo pattern on the armour was painted with Scorched Brown, Catachan Green and camo green.

Final touch, added the decal on the shoulder armour. The decal was then wash with a light wash of Badab Black to reduce the shinness on the decal.

40k Imperial Guards Heavy Flamer Guardman

Pardon me for the last few steps as I was so into finishing it that I forgot to snap pictures of it… haha. Hope this simple step by step gives everyone a rough feel to how I did my 40k Imperial Guards. Now, back to the command squad…


40k Imperial Guards HQ Command Squad next…

After much disappointment about allied option being removed from the Daemonhunters and Witchhunters, its back to more miniature painting.

Got my command squad all done earlier, now I am trying to get my Imperial Guards HQ command squad done up. Managed to coat the Voxcaster, standard bearer, plasma Guardsman and the heavy flamer guardman. Next step would be to start shading and highlighting then.

hq command squad progress

My son have been triggering happy (rolling dices, 4+ to hit…) with his Imperial guards lately. He borrowed my flamer guardman to add to his squad and I introduced him the flamer template. Anything under the template are hits. Since then, he been complaining why he doesn’t have a flamer guardman…haha.

My son's Imperial Guards flamer Guardman
My son's Imperial Guards flamer Guardman

Anyway, I managed to convert one of his Imperial Guardman to a flamer using some of my leftover bits. His Imperial Guardman is the snap on type, so I have to cut and patched up the arms and some of the gaps with green stuff. He was excited and wanted to get it painted quickly.

Its still half painted, but he’s looking forward to flame some stuff… haha.


This is Imperial Guards Command Squad 802, copy…

Finally I managed to complete my 40k Imperial Guards Command Squad 802. Now, my troop 265 can receive orders from the command squad… haha. The last time troop 265 was in the heat of battle and their voxcaster was having some intermittent failure.

“Squad 265 to Command Squad, do you copy? ….. Sir… do you copy?”

“Command Squad 802 copy! Hold your position and await reinforcement support!”

Imperial Guards Command Squad

Imperial Guards Command Squad

Imperial Guards Command Squad Platoon Standard

Imperial Guards Command Squad Heavy Flamer

Imperial Guards Command Squad Heavy Flamer

I had fun painting the Imperial Guards Command Squad Platoon Standard. I followed the general colour scheme for the standard banner from the Codex. Looking forward to painting the HQ command standard as well. The Imperial Guard Command Squad Heavy Flamer is converted with the combined generade launcher and two flamers head (see earlier post).

Now, let me decide what would be my next miniatures to paint…