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40k Eldar Windraiders

Completed this squad of Eldar Windraiders a while back. Totally forgotten all about it until I was sorting out my photos. Recalled this was a urgent project and the Windraiders came and left.

eldar windraiders

eldar windraiders

Had the squad of Windraiders painted in the same blue colour scheme as client’s Eldar squad colour. The Eldar pilot was done in a grey shade and a white helmet design.

The stripe design on the Windraiders I had to mask it with a Tamiya masking tape forming a V shape design, thereafter, painting the stripe design with a thinned down grey and then highlighted it with white. Though I painted the stripe with thinned paint over few layer, I still get a little of painted built up at the edges of the masking. After the removal of the masking tape, with a little clean up with extra fine sandpaper, everything looks good to roll out! Cheers!

40k Eldar Harlequin

One of my favourite project was the 40K Eldar Harlequin. At first I thought client wanted to follow the Games workshop Harlequin jester style. The checker design would definitely be a challenge to paint, but my client had other ideas in mind.

As he was a fan of David Bowie and his Ziggy Stardust bands, he wanted a style that resemble them in the 70s 80s era.

After much research, I applied most of the Stardust band costume design onto the Harlequin troupe. The faces were all painted with the red ligntning design like David Bowie’s band.

40k eldar Harlequin

40k eldar Harlequin

I was excited about the idea and concept, a bit worried that the outcome might not be as expected. But, wow, the final outcome were amazing. Together as a unit of Harlequin, there were very amusing and awesome to look at! Cheers!

40k Eldar Swooping Hawks and Illic Nightspear

I have been painting quite a variety of 40k Eldar for one of my client.

40k Eldar Swooping Hawks was another interesting paint job with a dynamic flying feel. Colour Scheme was requested to be the same style as Games Workshops’. The Swopping Hawks were in Games Workshops’ Finecast. Well, as usual finecast has not been the best material choice.

eldar swopping hawks

eldar swopping hawks

The Swooping Hawks were held on one foot only. Because of the finecast material, this made the miniature having a very weak shaky support when glue onto the base. I had to add pin to the leg area to reinforce the firmness when its glued to the base. However, I did not manage to snap any pictures for that reinforcement conversion. Guess the old metal version of the Swooping Hawks would be a better collection.

illic nightspear

illic nightspear

40k Eldar Illic NightSpear was another interesting and fun character to paint. Same colour scheme as Games Workshops style was requested. The challenge was painting the cloak with the star like camo design. Well it turned out well and was close to Games Workshops style.

So much for now, enjoy the pictures… cheers!

40k Eldar Fire Dragons and Wraithguards

Painted this commission of 40k Eldar Fire Dragons and Wraithguards for one of my regular client a while back. I remembered having to design a colour scheme for the Fire Dragons. As my client’s Eldar theme was a blue theme Eldar army, I was trying hard to find a colour scheme to define fire fury with a blue feel. Finally, the dark blue and orange scheme was borned. Was still a bit unsure abut the colour scheme at first, but once they were completed, I must say they looked awesome.

40k Eldar Fire Dragons

40k Eldar Fire Dragons

40k Eldar Wraithguards

The Wraithguards followed the blue colour scheme as well. Painting white colour is always a challenge. The head of the Wraithguards had quite a few layers of watered down white to achieve a smooth finish. It always when they are in a squad, they all look so awesome, right? Cheers.

Eldar Wraithknight

When 40k Eldar released the new Wraithknight, I was thinking it would be nice if I can paint one of those big walkers. And, true enough, I got a commission project to paint the new Eldar Wraithknight. Gosh I was excited about it.

First impression out of the big box of Wraithknight, I thought the sprues of plastics were usual construct of GW miniatures. But then when I followed the instruction and assembled up the Wraithknight, gosh, I was impressed by the way the designer had the pieces designed to be assembled to create the Wraithknight outlook. The layout and design of the sprue pieces were impressive. Then once assembled, it’s even better, the Wraithknight looked amazing and awesome! Imagine I am a guardman, one of these Wraithknight coming towards me, I am gonna panic and run… haha.



For the colour scheme, as it’s the same client for a consistent army, it’s gonna be the same as my previous Wraith Lord project. Previously I used Citadel Ultramarine Blue for the Wraith Lord, which is now obsolete. I had to switch to the updated equivalent blue which is Citadel Altdorf Guard Blue. Comparing the paint, the new Altdorf Guard Blue has less blue pigment feel. I had to coat 2 rounds of it then its smooth. Once the blue was done, its washed with the new shade Drakenhof Nightshade. When dried, I began the highlighting process with my usual technique. Mixing Altdorf Guard Blue and Skull White, the rise and edges of the Wraithknight were highlighted and blended with Kantor Blue to the base of the washed coloured Altdorf Guard Blue. The edges were then finely edge out with thinned down Skull White.

The white plates area were painted with Citadel Dheneb Stone first, then followed by a watered down of many layers of Skull White. With many layer of watered down white, this will form a smooth finish white surface.

The base I used some of my old Cities of Death bits to assemble up a wreck terrain kind of feel. Once done and painted, its dried brush with Snakebite leather to give a dusty feel. I enhanced it further with some Tamiya weathering powder as well.

With all the other details and such all done up, the Wraithknight is impressive! I can’t help admiring it each time I pass by it in my Painting Shop. Now that its delivered, enjoy the Picts… cheers!

Eldar Avatar of Khaine and Fire Prism

Managed to squeeze some time for this Eldar Avatar of Khaine and Fire Prism commission project amidst my work loaded weeks. Finally got it in time for delivery to the client. Just as I was painting these Eldar miniatures, I am sure everyone has already hear snippets of Eldar rumours already. I am curious what the updated Eldar miniatures range would be. I am sure definitely there will be a giant walker of some sort, just like what Games Workshop is setting the trend, every race in 40k all having some sort of giant walker.

avatar of khaine

Anyway, the Avatar was an interesting miniature to get started on. I was excited to paint the lava and glow effect on his body. I got the Eldar Avatar body started by painting it in Citadel Blood Red, followed by a heavy wash of Citadel Nuln Oil. Then the edge were slowly blended with Blood Red and Sunburst Yellow. The lava glow in the Eldar Avatar’s body cracks were painted and layered with mixture of Blood Red and Sunburst Yellow to make orange, followed by highlights of yellow.

For basing, I added a rock slab and a skull pile, and followed by some sand basing. The area under the Eldar Avatar’s foot I got it painted with the orange mix again and yellow, followed by dry brush of Chaos Black for the burned effect. I enhanced a little more with some Black Soot weathering powder from Secret Weapon.

eldar fire prism

For the Fire Prism, the challenge was painting the Blue colour. I started with a base colour of Citadel Ultramarine Blue. Next it was followed by a wash of a watered down mixture of Citadel Midnight Blue and Nuln Oil. Once dried, the edges and high area were blended with a watered mixture of Citadel Ultramarine Blue and Skull White with the wash mixture of Citadel Midnight Blue and Nuln Oil. Finally the edges were then lightly edge highlighted with watered down Skull White. The groove were then washed carefully in heavy fill of Nuln Oil.

The other fun challenge I had was the Prism Crystal and Cockpit windows. I wanted to tint them yellow, so I did some research and experiment which I finally managed to get the tint effect for the transparent crystal and the cockpit windows. Check out my next post where I will talked about the tint effect.

The engine and the side flap area of the Fire Prism, I dry brushed with Citadel Chaos Black. Then I enhanced it further with some Secret Weapon weathering powder Black Soot. This sure made the engine feels like a blast…!

eldar packingOverall, the Avatar and the Fire Prism were a challenge to paint and I had a great time working on both of them. I am definitely looking forward to see the new Eldar range after working on these Eldar miniatures! OK, now to pack them up in my usual protected box with sponge cut out and its ready for delivery! Cheers!

Eldar Wraithlord

Managed to settle one commission paint job last week, Eldar Wraithlord. Client wanted to have the Wraithlord in an exciting pose, rather than the standard stand still pose from the box. So, I imagined that the Eldar Wraithlord managed to secure some sort of Eldar relic and he is holding the position while awaiting for the rest of the Eldar reinforcement to come.

Eldar WraithlordEldar WraithlordEldar Wraithlord

Out of the box, the Eldar Wraithlord legs are default straight, I had to chipped and bend a little at the knee area, and patched with a green stuff to have it converted in an angle position pose. Posing character especially with ball joint which gives total freedom options are always fun and challenging. Managed to secure and glued it in a suitable shooty pose as I would imagined it in mind.

Though the contour of the Eldar Wraithlord looked simple, but painting it was a challenge. The rounded feel at each joint had to be blended and highlighted to give a round feel. I managed to finish with a reasonable shade and blend to obtain the round feel. The white colour for the head was also another challenge to having it in a clean perfect white strokes. I had it based with the old citadel Dheneb stone, then followed by layers of thinned Skull White until its clear white.

I painted the Eldar relic at the base in sort of a glow effect. The glow effect had its lights shined onto the Wraithlord’s feet and the surrounding. The shine was washed with layers of lightly watered Sunburst Yellow Citadel paint. Once its all done and touched up, its packed in Painting Shop packing box and off to the client.

The Eldar Wraithlord was indeed a fun project, a new experience to painting a walker comparing to a Dreadnought. Next, Warhammer Fantasy miniatures my next commission project… cheers!