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Grey Knights Purifiers with Chapterhouse Ammo Belt

With my recent old metal Grey Knights refurbished, I decided to “upgrade” my new Grey Knights Purifiers as well. Quite a while back when Chapterhouse released the ammo belts for bolters, I was extremely thrilled. I have always been a fan of the old Grey Knights design with the ammo belt for the storm bolters. The new Grey Knights will the ammo clips just chucked to the side of the storm bolters was a disappointment for me when it was released a while back.

The ammo belt from Chapterhouse is made from white metal. It has 3 ammo belts in a single sprue. The length and twirl of each belt is different. This gives a variation in assembling. The details are reasonable well with little to clean up.


I decided to “upgrade” these ammo belts for my Grey Knights Purifier which I finished way back. Pulled out the plastic ammo clips from the Grey Knights, and I attached the ammo belt. The fit was ok, when little minor filing to clean up, also partly due to I am upgrading from the ammo clips. If assembling from kits, I think it should be easy to assemble with little cleaning up. The best part of the ammo belt being white metal is, it offers flexibility which allow it to be bent with fingers and adjusted to suit different pose for assembling.



I managed to assemble them up neatly and got it painted. Based it black as usual, followed by Citadel Gun Metal, washed with Nuln Oil, then dry brush highlight with silver and white. I am must say they are awesome since I am a fan of the belt ammo design. Think I will add-on to finish another 5 Grey Knights with the belt ammo to form a 10 men Grey Knights Purifiers. Been a while I say it… For the Emperor! Cheers!

Refurbished Grey Knights Squad

With my recent chats on 40k and such with my warhammer gaming pals, guess it did motivate me a little. I decided to touch up and refurbished my old metal Grey Knights 10 men squad to the same style I did for my Purifers. I did one test refurbished for the metal Grey Knights way back when Grey Knights plastic was released. Check the details and such for my previous post on my Refurbish Grey Knight.

grey knight

grey knight

Now I managed to refurbish complete one squad of 10 Knights, it sure bring on more motivation. I think I will move on to finish my another 10 metal Grey Knights followed by my terminators. Think my tanks need some touch up too.. haha. Cheers!

Chapter House Small Ammo Belts for Bolters

Chapter House has a new release item that really got me excited. It’s the Small Ammo Belts for Bolters! This is definitely a fit for my Grey Knights!

Back then when the Grey Knights was released, I was totally disappointed with the Grey Knights Storm Bolter design. The Storm Bolter ammo clip was just simply a smacked at the side of the bolter. I preferred and love the old metal edition design where the Storm Bolter ammo clip was belt based.

I had the idea to convert it to a belt like the old edition, but it was not a successful run. In the end, I just grew to accept the unfavourable design. But now there is hope, I am sure gonna get these belt clips and add-on to my squads of Grey Knights. Suddenly the Emperor’s Faith is near… cheers!

My First Finecast

Finally my order of GW Finecast popped into my mailbox yesterday. It’s been a long wait for this order of Dark Eldar Archon and Incubi. In fact, I ordered this way back like in the month of May end, just during the last hours of the GW embargo. Its been 2 months plus, then finally I got my GW Finecast miniatures. I was worried that my Dark Eldar army wont be having a HQ commander to lead… Now, fear not… Archon is here! Haha.

GW finecast

I guess the delay was due to the fact that GW is limiting the supply of Finecast miniatures to customers and stockist. Even at GW online stores, Finecast miniatures are limited to only 5 pc per customer. The reason cited that its due to high demand. Do you buy that reason? Theoretically, when a company launched a new product, they should have done their homework of market demand research and such, and to plan their stock and inventory. The last thing anyone would want is to disappoint customers with long waits, right? Then GW being a leader in miniatures gaming, I guess they have developed the attitude…

GW finecastSo, like GW say, what’s your first finecast? Well, I thought my first finecast would be my this order of Dark Eldar Archon and Dark Eldar Incubi. But apparently not. I got my first Finecast which is Grey Knights Castellan Crowe few weeks back at my local store. Actually I did ordered Grey Knights Castellan Crowe when it was released way back, but I think my order was caught in the transition period of metal to resin and along with delays, and finally there was no metal stock left and my order was refunded. Still eventually, I managed to get Grey Knights Castellan Crowe locally to complete my Grey Knights collection… phew…

For The Emperor!

Grey Knights Purifier Squad

Feel the pureness… Purifiers are here. Yes… I finally completed my long overdue Grey Knight Purifiers. Though the process was a bit slow, halfway was intercepted with other painting stuff and so, but, finally its done. I guess I got the Grey Knights Purifier delayed too long and the vibe sort of like faded away each time I picked up my brush. I made one silly mistake, which I painted the helmet all titanium color (see Grey Knights colors here), only to realized few days later that they are Grey Knights Purifiers with the white helmet, not Grey Knights. Haha. But still, upon finishing it, wow, they look awesome!

grey knights purifier
grey knights purifier
grey knights purifier

My special weapon Grey Knights Purifier I magnetized it (see magnetized tutorial here), which I can swap a between a psycannon or psilencer. I figured that in a game, most likely I would like to have either 2 psycannons or 1 psycannon and 1 psilencer. Next, I will need to refurbished all my old metal Grey Knights to this new highlighted color scheme. More painting…


I show you how to paint Grey Knights Purifier

Got my Grey Knight Purifier painted earlier ago, and now working on the rest of the squad. Progress have been slow due to some commissioned works I am working on. Anyway, I will share with everyone how I got my Grey Knights painted in my usual “I show you how to paint”… Here goes…

grey knights painting

1. Started with a basecoat of Citadel Chaos Black. My Grey Knights is based on a colour theme of titanium colour. Once the basecoat is dried, base colour the Grey Knights in a mixture of Citadel Chainmail and Shinning Gold. The bolter and other metal parts are base coloured with Citadel Bolt gunmetal. For the helmet, I mixed Citadel Skull White with Chainmail to achieve a sort of shining metal white colour feel. Once all the base colour are done, Citadel Badab Black is washed onto the whole miniature.

Grey Knights highlighting

2. Next is the highlighting of the titanium colour armour. I will explain the method to the highlighting which I applied to all the armour in the Grey Knights. In my wet palette, I got 3 paints, Citadel Mithril Silver, Titanium mix and Badab wash. Start by painting Citadel Mithril Silver along the edge of the Grey Knights’ leg.

Grey Knights highlighting

3. While the Citadel Mithril Silver highlight at the edge is still wet, take the Titanium colour mix and blend with the Mithril Silver at the edge. The key thing to remember is the Mithril Silver and the Titanium mix must be just wet enough to blend. After the blend is done and the paint still wet, take Badab Black and blend the titanium mix to the base colour of the armour. Take a little practice to get the wetness and consistency right to blend. I use this method & colour scheme for the highlights on the Grey Knights.

Grey Knights highlighting

4. Once the main armour highlighting is done, next is to finish off the small details. All the skull and inscription are coloured with Citadel Shinning Gold and wash with Gryphonne Sepia. The purity seals are coloured with Citadel Bleached Bone, washed with Devian Mud, then highlighted with Bleached Bone and Skull White. The Storm Bolter and power armour backpack is finished off with a light dry brush of Citadel Mithril SIlver.

painting Nemesis Force Halberd

5. Next for the Nemesis Force Halberd. The Halberd is coloured with Citadel Bolt gunmetal, and the blade portion coloured with Mithril Silver. Then it is wash with a diluted wash of Midnight Blue. The blade portion is then painted with a mix of Citadel Mithril Silver, Skull White and a tiny bit of Midnight Blue. The rounded corner of the blade is then blended with the mix of Citadel Mithril Silver and Skull White.

painting Nemesis Force Halberd

6. For the lightning stroke on the Halberd, I started with a diluted mix of Citadel Skull White and painted a random broad lightning stroke effect. Next, taking a heavy Skull White, painting thin strokes over the lightning strokes. This will give a blend effect from the diluted Skull White blending to the heavy SKull White. The edges that holds the Halberd, I did a light dry brush on the edges with a mix of Citadel Skull White and tiny Midnight Blue. The edges are then edges out with Skull White. And now, you can feel the power of the Nemesis Force Halberd!
grey knights purfier
Finished off the rest of the details and finally based the Grey Knights, and my Grey Knights Purifier is ready to battle. FOR THE EMPEROR!

Grey Knights Purifer

Finally I can slow down and catch my breath after a week of busy work. Painting has been a bit slow with work and some commissioned stuff.

Anyway, managed to get one Grey Knights Purifier done up with a few minutes of painting here and there everyday to spare. Followed the colour scheme from the codex with the white helmet for the Purifers. My Grey Knights were already base around the colour scheme of mixture of Citadel Shinning Gold and Mithril Silver. The White Helmet I had a mix of Citadel Skull White and Chainmail to create a little shining metal helmet, rather than a matt white feel.

grey knights purfier
grey knights purfier
grey knights purfier
grey knights purfier

Overall, even though I started with a negative impression of the new Grey Knights miniature range, but after painting my first Grey Knights, I am pretty happy with it. Comparing with my old metal Grey Knights, I think the new plastic Grey Knights still looks good. As planned, I will be using the new plastic Grey Knights for the Purifiers, and its gonna be lots of painting to refurbish my metal Grey Knights as the Grey Knights Marines.


Refurbished Grey Knights

After too much thinking on the recent GW news and my last burst of purchase plan, need to go back to more painting to find my faith back to the Emperor… haha. Faith in the Emperor! Now back to painting my Grey Knights.

Was finishing the base colour of my Grey Knights which is a mix of Citadel Shinning Gold and Chainmail, when I got distracted and took an old Metal Grey Knight to stand beside my new plastic ones. After washing the new Grey Knights with Badab black, just could not resist the distraction. In the end, I end up repainting or refurbish my old Grey Knight instead of the new plastic ones.

My metal Grey Knights was painted like way back when I started the hobby years ago. The paint job I would say in my current status now, it’s not to what I would expect now. Decided to refurbish and so, I highlighted and wash the Grey Knight armour with Citadel Chainmail and badab wash. After that, continue with a wash on the armour with a light diluted Citadel Midnight blue wash. The nemesis halberd, I painted it to a lightning feel with a blue base wash and a thin light white highlight. The overall feel was just inspired by the Grey Knight illustration on the cover of the last month’s White Dwarf.

metal grey knights
Comparing metal Grey Knights paint job, old paint job(left), refurbish paint job(right)
metal grey knights reburished
Completed refurbish metal Grey Knights
old grey knight and new grey knight wip
Refurbish metal Grey Knights (left), New plasic Grey Knights WIP (right)

Comparing my old paint job and the new refurbish one, am pretty happy with how the metal Grey Knight turn out be. Will be following this style on new plastic Grey Knights, stay tuned…

The other thing I decided to change was the colour of the base. Suddenly I just felt that the Goblin Green base colour is like so out-of-place. Many years back, Goblin Green base colour was like the favourite colour in basing. Nowadays, seldom see this colour choice anymore. Anyway, I decided to shade the base to a darker green with Catachan Green. The results looked good as well. Now, there are lots of old metal Grey Knights in the queue to be refurbish, more painting.

Meantime, let me get back to the new plastic Grey Knights and start purifying… haha!


I show you how to magnetize Grey Knights Special Weapons

Special weapons options, psycannon or psilencer or incinerator? Upon examining the arms and torso of the Grey Knights miniatures assembly, I found there seems to be just enough surface area to hold a magnet for a special weapon magnetization option.

Rumbling through my bitz as I recalled I still have surplus of magnets lying around. Found my magnet having a nice size fit on the arm joint surface area of the Grey Knights. My magnets are from Gaussboys Super Magnets at size 4mm x 1mm disc magnet.

grey knight magnetization

To hold the magnet onto the arm end area, a shallow hole of diameter 4mm is needed. After much experiments, I found a faster way to remove the excess plastic materials. I found an Ikea allen key that is around the magnet diameter size. Heated up the end of the allen key over a stove flame until its super super hot. Then I pressed the hot allen key onto the plastic arm ends. This melts the plastic forming a shallow hole. Once done and the plastic turned solid, I used a penknife and trimmed off the excess plastic edges. Touch up till the magnet sits perfectly into the shallow hole. Drop in the magnet and super glue it, and one arm is done.

grey knight magnetization

For the torso of the Grey Knights, I cut a round hole around the arm section until the magnet sits perfect inside. I continue with this working method and managed to assemble 2 sets of special weapons, psycannon and psilencer.

grey knight magnetization
grey knights purifier

Now my squad of Purifier have 1 special weapons option, psycannon or psilencer. I leave my other Grey Knight having a fixed option of the psycannon. The box of Grey Knight marines only come with one psilencer, so probably I will assemble the other option with a set of incinerator option. Now… time to get these Purifiers painted… Cheers!


Grey Knights Marines Impression II and Assembly

After anticipating for the Grey Knights to arrive, finally I am onto my Grey Knights project. Managed to get 3 of them assembled, still working on the other 2 more with special weapons.

With a not so good impression of the Grey Knights miniatures since its preview, I wasn’t pinning much hope of how amazing the miniatures would be. Opening the box of Grey Knights marines, upon examining the sprues and sculpt of the miniatures, I must say I did develop a positive feel for the miniatures. As I mentioned in my earlier post about the head sculpt eye portion being too big, looking at the miniature I think they are actually quite ok. I guess it’s how Games Workshop painted the Grey Knights that created that feel. The details and accessories on the sprues, I must say are amazing. There are a lot of small bitz to play around with on the Grey Knights. I am already thinking of accessorizing my old metal Grey Knights with these new bitz.

The other big factor that bothered me a lot was how the bolt magazine is fitted on the side on the stormbolter, instead of the old design of a bolt rail system. Before I started assembling the Grey Knights, I went around hobby shops scouting for any possible stuff or bitz to sculpt a bolt rail, like the old metal Grey Knights. Bought some 1/35 scale tanks tracks to try to assemble as a magazine rail, but it looked too ugly. Tried cutting up some cylinder rod and assemble into a shotgun type of rail, still it looked ugly. Thought of sculpting it manually for the magazine rail design, but that would be too many to sculpt if I am to assemble more Grey Knights. In the end, decided to just give up the idea and live with the bolt magazine at the side design.

grey knights marines

Guess what? With the completed Grey Knights, on second look and impression, I think they do look great. They feel much more robust and more action seeking feel with the various pose that could be assembled with plastic parts. For the bolt magazine part, I trimmed away the extra flange at the end of the magazine to give a much straight look, which I felt it looked better. Overall, I guess I can live with the new Grey Knights design, beginning to like them as well.

grey knights compare

Upon comparing them with my metal Grey Knights, the metal ones do feel slightly smaller in proportion to the new plastic Grey Knights. The legs and head sculpt on the metal Grey Knights looked smaller as compared to the new plastic Grey Knights. I am guessing another factor maybe cos the plastic ones I have not painted it yet, which creates a bigger feel cos of the light contrast. Will compare them again, once I get the new plastic Grey Knights painted. And, looking at the metal ones, I think I will do a touch up for all my metal Grey Knights, as these paint job was my first painting army attempt when Grey Knights was first released years ago.

The other issue I am facing is also how to integrate the new plastic Grey Knights to my old ones. My 2 squads of 10 metal Grey Knights are all armed with halberd, Justicar with sword, and 1 psycannon and 1 incinerator. I will stick to this configuration for the points counting. After much planning and bitz purchased, I will assemble another 3 more plastic Grey Knights with psilencer so that I can various the different special weapons option for my metal Grey Knights. For these current 5 Grey Knights, they will be the Purifier squad.

Different options, maybe I could create options between psycannon and psilencer, with magnets…? Meantime, let me go do some checking and investigation…. cheers!