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Raging Heroes Kurganova Sisters Review

I finally received my Raging Heroes Kurganova Sisters miniatures last week, after a long wait since its pre-order and release date.

The package came exactly like what was posted in Raging Heroes’ blog. Its stamped with a nice graphic of Charlie the War bulldog on a brown box cover. The content was wrapped in bubble wrap and the miniatures came packed in a small zipped plastic bag. I ordered the special edition pack which consisted of the three Kurganova Sisters, Charlie the War bulldog and extra mech sword weapons arms.

raging heroes kurganova sistersraging heroes kurganova sistersraging heroes kurganova sisters

The Kurganova sisters miniatures were casted in white metal. Upon opening and having a closer look at the sisters miniatures, I am impressed with the quality of the metal casted miniatures. The miniatures were very finely casted and details were very impressively fine and sharp, and Malinka Kurganova sure caught my full attention with her tongue sticking out, haha. There was very little trace of burrs and sharp pips in the miniatures. Comparing to GW’s old metal miniature range, GW previous metal range had way lots of burrs and sharp pips all over and had to be filed off carefully. Raging Heroes metal miniatures were all in a almost perfect cast, just clipped off the sprue and some light filing and clean up, and it ready for base coating. I must say, I am impressed!

Hmmm, with an awesome impression, I am tempted to get the Sci Fi Blood Vestals to represent my Dark Eldar Wyches or Bloodbrides!…

Dark Eldar Wyches

After delaying so long with commission and work, I finally got my Dark Edlar Wyches completed. Yap, all 10 Wyches all done. And wow, its already the 6th edition 40k already. Guess I am really late for my Dark Edlar.

dark eldar wyches

With my weak faith of recent in the Emperor, I guess I will stay with painting my other miniatures and such. Although the recent 40k 6th edition rules have been tempting, I will hold on a while. Meantime… its Dust time! Cheers!

One Dark Eldar Wyches

Got one of my Dark Edlar Wyches test painted all done up. Overall, I felt she looked a bit dark though. Wanted her to look and feel a bit more alluring sexy feel, but the results turn out to be of a darker feel. But, its Dark Eldar right… they are on the dark side haha, … Feel the pain… haha.

One side of the Dark Eldar Wyches, I painted the usual Dark Eldar Kabalite scheme I had. The other side which I mentioned earlier that I wanted a black shiny tights feel. I tested with a black colour tight feel, but the colour turned out just not right. Was trying to decide what other poosible colour could the tights side be. In the end, I resort to a metallic grey, a mix of Citadel Bolt Gun Metal with Chaos Black. Then highlighted with a lighter shade of grey, Citadel Skull White and the metallic mixture. I applied a layer of Tamiya Clear shinny gloss over the tights areas.

dark eldar wyches

dark eldar wyches

Well, I must she looks sinister and dark, I wonder how would a few of these Wyches would feel like. Hmm, think I will continue this scheme on a few Wyches and see how it goess…. Feel the PAIN… more painting, cheers!

Dark Eldar Wyches assembled

Time to feel more pain. Next on my painting list, I am gonna get a unit of Wyches done. Managed to assemble 10 Dark Eldar Wyches with a Hekatrix, razorflails and hydra gauntlets. Once they were assembled, I must say the Dark Eldar Wyches looked very sleek and fast with all the poses. Cool! Really inspired and looking forward to painting them.

dark eldar wyches assembled

I will do one test paint of one Wyches first, before I go on to the rest of the 9 Wyches. As I read the fluff for the Wyches, it left me with the impression that the Wyches are pretty fast and deadly with their blades and at the same time they are pretty concerned with your attire and outlook. The part I like is that they are dress half in the Kabalite armour, while the other side of their attire are with exposed semi skin to tempt you to hurt them. I can imagine fighting a Dark Eldar Wyches where I see the exposed weakness side, and taking advantage of that and try to slash the exposed side, but they are fast, real fast, turning their weak spot into a target and advantage, they are fast enough to counter back, and I get my head rolling in return… haha!

I was thinking one side of the Dark Eldar Wyches, I will probably paint the usual Dark Edlar colour scheme of mine, copper feel with turquoise. The other side I was imagining they should be in tights, maybe like Catwoman shinning tights. I can imagine with shining tights like Catwoman, and cuts in the tight to show exposed skin, it will be real a temptation like what a Dark Eldar Wyches would want. Now, how to paint a shiny latex feeling tights. Let me get some research and experiments done…

Feel the Pain!

Dark Eldar Raider

Now my Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors have their own very ride, Dark Eldar Raider! Start the engine, navigator ready, dark lance ready! Time to slice some meat!

Wow, I am pretty happy with how my Dark Eldar Raider turned out with my colour scheme of copperish Citadel Tin Bitz with turquoise outlines. The Dark Eldar Raider colour felt in harmony with my Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors scheme. With the 3 Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors passenger, it really makes the Raider much more alive.

There were a lot of lines to paint for the Raider though. All the turquoise outline I blended with the same method I did for the Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors. Sure it was lots of line to paint, blend and outline. But it was fun and the results is cool! As I mentioned before, 1 Dark Eldar Raider done, wow, 4 more Raiders to go… haha.

Dark Eldar Raider
Dark Eldar Raider
Dark Eldar Raider
Dark Eldar Raider
Dark Eldar Raider

I had an idea earlier, was thinking maybe the next Raider I will try to convert and have all ten Dark Eldar Kabalite passengers sitting on the Raider. Will have to source for the legs bitz. Then my another Dark Eldar Raider I want to have the default 3 passengers to be Wyches instead of Kabalite Warrior. Guess the bitz for the Wyches leg might be hard to find or have to convert somehow… Anyway, let me get back to more painting… Cheers!

The Court of Archon Sslyth and Lhamaean

Just as I was pondering about new releases from GW and also other make of miniatures that have been tempting me, GW fore-coming release news are hot on the heel.

September is the month for the giant Ogre Kingdom to unleash all their strength. The new range of models are simply amazing if you have not seen them. But what caught my eye for the release are Dark Eldar.

My earlier post on The Court of Archon’s retainers and bodyguards, I mentioned that there were missing miniatures to represent some of the Archon’s bodyguards, mainly Dark Eldar Lhamaean and Sslyth. Guess what, September we will see the release of the missing bodyguards. And, wow, my mind is already tempted to get the miniatures to form my Court of Archon.

The Madusae and Ur-Ghul miniatures are each having an extra head option, but will there be options for the Sslyth and Lhamaean. And I guess usually Madusae and Lhamaeans people will field one each only, its Sslyth and Ur-Ghuls that people will field a few, and is the sprue having options for different pose construction? Guess variations will have to rely on conversion? Will check out these miniatures when released and see the possibility! Cheers!

My First Finecast

Finally my order of GW Finecast popped into my mailbox yesterday. It’s been a long wait for this order of Dark Eldar Archon and Incubi. In fact, I ordered this way back like in the month of May end, just during the last hours of the GW embargo. Its been 2 months plus, then finally I got my GW Finecast miniatures. I was worried that my Dark Eldar army wont be having a HQ commander to lead… Now, fear not… Archon is here! Haha.

GW finecast

I guess the delay was due to the fact that GW is limiting the supply of Finecast miniatures to customers and stockist. Even at GW online stores, Finecast miniatures are limited to only 5 pc per customer. The reason cited that its due to high demand. Do you buy that reason? Theoretically, when a company launched a new product, they should have done their homework of market demand research and such, and to plan their stock and inventory. The last thing anyone would want is to disappoint customers with long waits, right? Then GW being a leader in miniatures gaming, I guess they have developed the attitude…

GW finecastSo, like GW say, what’s your first finecast? Well, I thought my first finecast would be my this order of Dark Eldar Archon and Dark Eldar Incubi. But apparently not. I got my first Finecast which is Grey Knights Castellan Crowe few weeks back at my local store. Actually I did ordered Grey Knights Castellan Crowe when it was released way back, but I think my order was caught in the transition period of metal to resin and along with delays, and finally there was no metal stock left and my order was refunded. Still eventually, I managed to get Grey Knights Castellan Crowe locally to complete my Grey Knights collection… phew…

For The Emperor!

What’s Been Painting So Far…

Its Friday already. Have been painting my Hasslefree miniatures for the week, and suddenly realized that I have not posted any adventure of late. Time flies when you are enjoying yourself… Assembling a diorama with Sadie and Billie, and Summer is busy shooting zombie. Been searching my bitz for some zombie parts inspiration, as I have limited bitz for zombie or body parts. I should be able to get the three girls all done by this weekend or so. If I have time, think I will get Maria up for the competition as well. I will see how things goes. Stay tuned when I submit these works month end for the competition.

My Dark Eldar Raider is almost done. Managed to finish all the line works on the ship body, and phew… that a lot of outline work. Left the details outline for the sail (more outlines….!!) and the small details here and there. After that then I will start painting on the crew for the Dark Eldar Raider. Come to think of it, I have another 4 Dark Eldar Raiders to go, that’s a long way to go. Haha.

Another brand of miniature caught my extra attention recently as well. And there is a painting competition to it recently, which make it a more good reason to get the, Kingdom Death miniatures. I must say Kingdom Death 35mm miniatures are simple amazing. The pose and sculpt for every of the character range they have are so amazing natural and inviting to paint. However, their miniatures stock level are limited always, so the few favorites I like and are out of stock, which leave me with only their new release Pinup Great Game Hunter. Guess I will wait and see when will their stock be replenish and decide on the plan to purchase and paint later on. Meantime, so many miniatures… and so many painting to go… Cheers!

The Court of Archon

In Aug issue of White Dwarf, there is preview of 2 new miniatures for Dark Eldar Archon retainers and bodyguards, Madusae and Ur-Ghul. Now that there will be miniatures for Madusae and Ur-Ghul, what about miniatures for Sslyth and Lhamaeans? Anyone knows of any old miniatures range or any pictures images for how these characters are like visually?

dark eldar kabalite warriorsThis brings me to the thought of assembling a Court of retainers and bodyguards for my Dark Eldar Archon. And, oh ya, my Dark Eldar Archon is still in process state since before the last order for the embargo. Wonder how long I have to wait? Guess also its cos of GW limiting of stock for finecast?

Looking at the options for the Court of Archon, seems like the better choice is forming an assault bodyguard range. For shooting, the max best range weapon choice is only from the Sslyth using a shardcarbine at range 18. The next option would be Medusae with it Eyeburst power using a template. Probably, the shooty guys will act as support fire after dismarking from the Raider before assault.

With assault, the Sslyth is the best choice of assault, with his strength 5 toughness 5, he’s gonna smash through a lot of meat, thanks to his extra set of arms. The Ur-Ghuls will be his partner with strength 4 attacks. The Lhamaeans adds on to the fight with her poison attacks at 2 plus. Gosh these bodyguards gonna be kicking some butt.

so, my idea for a Court of Archon would be like these…

Archon, Blaster, Huskblade
1 Madusae
1 Lhamaeans
3 Sslyth
3 Ur-Ghuls

Total at 285 points, with an assault of 9 strength 5 attacks, 9 strength 4 attacks and Archon himself with the Huskblade, the Court of Archon is sure gonna kick a punch!

Another option would be to use Dark Eldar Vemon as a transport instead of Dark Eldar Raider. Bell of lost Souls has an article on the difference usage of Raider vs Vemon. If using a Dark Eldar Vemon, then forming the Court of Archon would be a pure assault squad power.

The Court of Archon on a Vemon would be like…

Archon, Blaster, Huskblade
1 Sslyth
3 Ur-Ghuls

1 Madusae
1 Lhamaeans
1 Sslyth
1 Ur-Ghuls

Speed up to enemies lines and disembark, lashing out 9 strength 5 attacks and 3 strength 4 attacks, sure will kick some punch!

Oh ya, thanks AbusePuppy for the comment. I mis-read about the 1-X number needed in the composition. Then I guess if transporting the Court of Archon on a Vemon is pretty limited, as all of each of the retainers and bodyguard are needed in the composition, and Vemon can only transport 5 passengers.

Anyone for a Court of Archon or any ideas and suggestions?

Dark Eldar Raider all assembled

My Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors need a ride! Managed to assemble up my Dark Eldar Raider finally. Did reminded myself to be careful with the assembly and not get any parts glued wrongly. And, guess what? Argghh… I glued the pilot platform wrong side up and there was gap forming over the wall area. The sail bar for the Dark Eldar to hang on was glued in the wrong direction. All the glue was cured hard already and not possible to dismantle without any plastic breaking further. So I end up patching up my mistakes with green stuff and managed to straighten the bow bar instead.

dark eldar raider wip

Gosh, base coating the Raider was challenging. It had a upper deck and a lower deck mesh platform. The lower platform and wall was hard to reach and paint though. I diluted the Citadel Chaos Black a little and managed to wash the lower deck with the black paint, wash the diluted Black paint on the top deck heavily till it drips to the lower deck. Got it washed over a few times till its black enough. Now its all base coated, get ready for colours, stay tuned! Cheers!