So far so good…

dust tactics sturmpioniereBeen an exact of 30 days since I last post. Work had been busy, but things should slow down this Dec, then hopefully I can pick up my brushes again.

With the busy month and much thoughts on budget, I decided to skip Mars Attack and Wrath of Demons kickstarters altogether. For Mars Attack, I just felt it was like Deadzone with the Mars aliens. But for the Wrath of Demon, I was really tempted to pledge for it. I was just fascinated with the Chinese Mythology characters miniatures. The kickstarter did not offer the main characters in resin for pledging. The main resin characters was only available in the game set pledge itself. In the end, I made the hard choice and decided to skip the kickstarter and save my budget for whats next to come.

Before I could even hold my budget back, Black Friday sale was just too tempting. And my budget went to Flames of Wars. Had a quick 2 games of FOW a while back, and its bringing back all the excitement. Stay tuned as I talk more of FOW in the next posts. Meantime, hope as work slow down, I can pick up my brushes again… cheers!

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