I need time for my brushes

workspaceJust as kickstarter Incursion ended, with every stretched goals all hit, I was swarmed with work as anticipated. I was glade that I managed to finish my Flames of Wars earlier just before this busy month of workload hit. It has been a busy month, and at the end of each day, I wasn’t left with much energy to hold my brush.

Hopefully workload will get better this coming weeks and month then I can continue with my adventure and painting.

I was just looking the past kickstarter projects that I have pledged, it’s a total of 8 kickstarter projects and lots of money pumped into it. They are

  • Sedition War
  • Relic knighs
  • Bombshell Babes
  • Judge Dredd
  • Kingdom Death
  • Deadzone
  • Raging Heroes
  • Incursion.

Of the 8 kickstarters, so far to date, only Sedition War (wave 2 is still pending?), Bombshell Babes and Judge Dredd were delivered. Well, meantime I just have to trust and believe in the timeline and promises promised by the kickstarters starter.

Next week, workload might dipped a little, lets hope I can find time to hold my brushes again. Most probably, with my slight 40k motivation, I think I will continue to refurnish my Grey Knights and paint more. Cheers!

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