Kickstarter Frenzy – Raging Heroes – The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

raginghero1Oh no… Before I can recover from Deadzone, Bad Girls are here, Raging Heroes, The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy kickstarter! After months of suspense and waiting, Raging Heroes kickstarter is finally on!

I was in front of my computer waiting for the kickstarter count down to release. I was impressed with the concept visuals arts and preparations Raging Heroes had put into it. But before I could even understand the pledges options, almost all the early birds options were gone! And within few minutes of the launch, the project hit the target and it was funded! And within next hours, wow, it already hit six figures mark! This kickstarter is definitely gonna be a roller coaster ride! Meantime, I will slowly try to digest and decide what pledge to take on! Raging Heroes!

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