Waagghh… Orcs and Goblins

Waaagghh… Orcs and Goblins has been partying with me in The Painting Shop the past weeks. Finally I managed to complete my Orcs and Goblins commissioned miniature painting.

The Orc standard and Goblin Hero were converted my client. Its more of a standard conservation and gluing it on base. Painting it was more of the usual feel of painting a standard Orcs and a standard Goblin.

orc standard
goblin hero

The other interesting miniatures that was fun to paint was the Night Goblin Command Set from Forgeworld. Assembling them up was easy and it was followed by cleaning and washing for resin miniatures. The Night Goblin standard was a bit imbalanced with the battle standard when assembled. I had to use a hair dryer to soften the banner pole slightly to adjust to have it balanced when placed on the table. The Boss on the Squig and the Shaman assembly were a breeze. Painting them wasn’t much of any issue. The Shaman does have an interesting sculpt though, painting it was like as if I am casting a spell on the Shaman.

night goblin standard
night goblin shaman
night goblin shaman
night goblin boss on squig
night goblin command set

Next I had 30 Black Orcs to do. The difficult part about messing with 30 Orcs were the assembling phase. I had to choose carefully the armed weapon arm to pose for each Orc so that they do not obstruct each other when they are placed in ranks. Took me almost a day to decide and assembled all the Black Orcs in place with 5 orcs each rank, in 5 ranks. Once assembled, the painting phase was pretty straight forward. As there were 30 Orcs to paint, I adopted a factory style production sequence of painting. Once production started, its goes on… and 30 Black Orcs are ready to charge!

black orcs
black orcs

This Orcs and Goblin project took me quite a while though. Had to juggle with work load recently, especially after the Chinese New Year. But still the experience of getting the miniatures completed has always been a very exciting and satisfying one. Nothing beats the satisfaction to see 30 Black Orcs all ready to charge at you, right? Cheers!

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