Tau and Thunderhawk, for the Greater Good!

This month White Dwarf is sure so tempting. Really tempting my faith in GW. Tau definitely looks so tempting and exciting. I have always wanted to collect Tau, but with so miniatures and collection on my shelves already, I guess I will just collect the Codex for now, and, or maybe when my faith is back, haha.

The new White Dwarf as usual is “Picture Speaks a Thousand Words”. Well, looking at the amazing XV suits definitely makes me wanna do it for the Greater Good! haha… Well, if you are in Tau, definitely this issue will make you daze in excitement. I love the Golden Demon section when it will be my references for future projects and commission.


Last of all, I think the last page of the White Dwarf definitely spawned lots of excitement and rumour! Possiblely a plastic Thunderhawk! I am thinking with the current trend of flyers GW is promoting, I am sure a Plastic Thunderhawk would definitely be a true rumour and another good reason to boost sales. Well, let’s see what will zoom in next month… cheers!

2 Responses to Tau and Thunderhawk, for the Greater Good!

  1. *yawn*

    Please shut up about your “faith” and all hat, just go and play WarmaHordes or something and leave us that actually care about Warhammer to play with our toy soldiers while you play with yours.

  2. Haha… I guess I have been whinning a lot about GW lately. Thanks for the reminder… Cheers!