Kickstarter Kingdom Death funded at 2 MILLION!

kingdom death monsterWow… Kingdom Death kickstarter ended with a huge bang of success of 2 million dollars! It’s been a long ride for me the past few days trying to come to a decision. The last few hours was updated with lots of rewards, so many choices!

My initial plan was to get the deluxe survivors set along with all the optional character rewards. But there were simply too many options rewards offering and the hole in my pocket will definitely be a super big one. Hard decision, in the end I decided to give up getting the game set (which I convinced myself that I probably wont be playing it so much vs painting the miniatures) and just get all the option rewards only. Also by not getting the deluxe game set, I can’t get my hands on the initial 4 resin survivors miniatures, oh no. Anyone changing their minds about the initial 4 resin survivors miniatures, let me now. Even with the rewards options only, it has already burned a big hole in my pocket!

I guess Adam from Kingdom Death will be a busy happy man now. Definitely looking forward to the miniatures this year-end. And once again, congratulations Adam… Cheers!

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