Happy New Year!

happy new yearHappy New Year! Like I always say time flies whether you are having fun or not having fun… haha. I must say this year been a bit slow for me. Been held up with work issue and stuff that strained my motivation and my drive to splash colours. Guess by the time I picked up my pieces of drive and with some commission projects along the way, it got slightly better, and there it is, the new year 2013…

So, what’s for 2013 to come? Will definitely try to keep up to pace for my painting projects. For a start, I think I wanna try to complete my Dust Tactics miniatures. Talked about Dust, I managed to order some conversion bitz from Victoria Miniatures for my Dust miniatures, definitely looking forward to that. Next, Kingdom Death, defintely must keep to pace painting my miniatures before the big Kingdom Death Monster kickstarter comes this year-end. Then, kickstarter Relic Knights and Sedition War will be ship this year, so there will be overloading of miniatures to paint… haha.

For my GW’s faith. Recently my faith for the Grey Knights spawned a little drive. It’s partly due to the bolter ammo belts I ordered from Chapter House Studio, which is on the way. Looking forward to updating my Grey Knights Purifiers with the ammo chain belt which I always liked.

And, I’ve been missing contests in 2012 too. So this year I will try to boost my morale level and excitement with contest participation.

Well, so far, that’s what my layout plans for 2013. Will definitely try to keep up to faith to it. And I guess my site probably can have a new look… hmm. Stay tuned… and Happy New Year! May you roll six always… Cheers!

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