Raging Heroes Kurganova Sisters Review

I finally received my Raging Heroes Kurganova Sisters miniatures last week, after a long wait since its pre-order and release date.

The package came exactly like what was posted in Raging Heroes’ blog. Its stamped with a nice graphic of Charlie the War bulldog on a brown box cover. The content was wrapped in bubble wrap and the miniatures came packed in a small zipped plastic bag. I ordered the special edition pack which consisted of the three Kurganova Sisters, Charlie the War bulldog and extra mech sword weapons arms.

raging heroes kurganova sistersraging heroes kurganova sistersraging heroes kurganova sisters

The Kurganova sisters miniatures were casted in white metal. Upon opening and having a closer look at the sisters miniatures, I am impressed with the quality of the metal casted miniatures. The miniatures were very finely casted and details were very impressively fine and sharp, and Malinka Kurganova sure caught my full attention with her tongue sticking out, haha. There was very little trace of burrs and sharp pips in the miniatures. Comparing to GW’s old metal miniature range, GW previous metal range had way lots of burrs and sharp pips all over and had to be filed off carefully. Raging Heroes metal miniatures were all in a almost perfect cast, just clipped off the sprue and some light filing and clean up, and it ready for base coating. I must say, I am impressed!

Hmmm, with an awesome impression, I am tempted to get the Sci Fi Blood Vestals to represent my Dark Eldar Wyches or Bloodbrides!…

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