Kingdom Death Preacher

Kingdom Death Preacher was one of my entries for the M con contest in my earlier post. I recalled that I was pretty rush with the deadline and work, but I still managed to get the Preacher done just time.

I pictured the Preacher to be a motivational character bringing hope and life. I based her on a base with grass and flower. It’s like wherever she goes, she lifts her hand and waved, sign of life and hope blooms.

kingdom death preacher
kingdom death preacher
kingdom death preacher

For her attire, I wanted to experiment painting a translucent fabric effect. Her upper sleeves I wanted to achieve a transparent fabric that sort of see through her skin colour. I knew the concept is by layering of light watered colour repeatedly, but I guessed I got quite a little impatient and the colour was too much. Her stockings I wanted to achieve the stocking feel as well, guess same reason, I got a little too impatient as well. Probably its because of the deadline for the contest, that got the impatient urgency over me. I am not giving up, will try to experiment this effect for my other projects to come.

So much for Kingdom Death, next I will be doing the pinup Savior for the WAMP Kingdom Death contest. And not to forget Kingdom Death Monster kickstarter, its sure gonna burn a big hole in my pocket for me! Haha Cheers!

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