New Revamp White Dwarf Impression

Its been a while since I bought anything Games Workshop. I guess though I am putting GW stuff aside a while with my weak faith in the emperor, I am still gonna continue my regular purchase of White Dwarf. I don’t wanna be caught in a situation where, when I am back into GW stuff again, and I have missing issues of White Dwarf. By then, searching for missing WD will be a pain… haha.

new revamp white dwarf

This month White Dwarf is a total new revamp! I guess the first impression White Dwarf had on me was the price. Upon paying, there was the price difference already. Guess with GW, with every new edition or revamp, they simply can’t resist increasing the price.

Yap, the cover now is now glossed with a better paper quality, the inside pages are also of better paper quality, but is it necessary? After all its just a magazine, how far fetch do they want a magazine to be? I still prefer the all those years of quality they had as a magazine, which was good enough for me.

For the new look and layout, I am impressed. The layout feels cleaner and trendy. The miniatures photography are nicer too, and those individual miniature are now photographed in a solid gradient colour backdrop, which makes the new layout stands out. For the articles, I guess besides the usual articles like new products, battle reports, painting tips… all got a new fresher look, which made reading the White Dwarf a different feel.

Besides the usual articles, now there are sections that focus on Forge World and Black Library. Forge World’s new releases are now featured in these sections, and Black library has got lot of excerpt of their books, which really can be luring, if you are into Black Library novels…

Battle reports. Hmm, I am not a fan of battle reports in White Dwarf. Have always felt that it’s either favoured or staged. But still, it’s a good read with a neutral perspective on those races which one is a fan or of interest. For this month, I was guessing that they would favour Chaos to win in the battle report as it’s a new codex for chaos. But guess what, White Scar won the fight…! Haha

So much for White Dwarf, this month’s Chaos, beside the new revamp, there nothing much to lure my faith back, we’ll see more White Dwarf and more issues… cheers!

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