Time Flies

Time flies… Sorry for the absent of posts of recent. Been really caught with work badly for the past weeks and month. With a new project at work recently, and along with my other work projects concurrently, its killing off my time totally and piling up my stress level. My energy left at the end of a day’s work is left for recharging, nothing left to pick up any brushes…

With all the work, I missed last month WAMP Banelegion painting contest. Only managed to get my miniature half done. This month there is another contest for WAMP Hasselfree. Let hope I can shuffle my time and my stress level to be in time for the contest.

A mist my busyness, I am still in touch with miniatures news. For Games Workshop, I guess I am really taking a backseat for this. Was reading this month’s White Dwarf (was hesitating whether to buy WD or not), it does have some tempting effect, I still think I wanna put GW’s stuff on hold first. Let’s wait till I get my faith back.

Managed to squeeze time for my 3rd game of Dust Warfare. But with no regular play and practice, I suffered yet another defeat. But still it was great fun, doesn’t really matter who is the winner. Dust is my next painting projects.

Recently there have been a wave of board game craze from Kickstarter. I am still waiting for my Sedition War, Capt Kara! Relic Knight is due Sunday, I am gonna go for it. So many games, and so little cash… haha.

Meantime, let me work out my time, I will try to manage and get more stuff painted and more post posted. Just felt bad for the lack of post past weeks. Cheers!

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