Dust Tactics Battle Grenadiers

Back in time! Feels like WWII and Dust is everywhere! Got my Dust Tactics Battle Grenadiers miniatures all painted finally.

It took me a while to decide what colour scheme for the Dust Tactics Battle Grenadiers. Initially, I wanted to paint the Axis Germans with the usual german grey green uniform colour. But after much surfing and research, finally decided on a brownish grey sort colour for the uniform and the dark german green for the armour.

dust tactics battle grenadiers
dust tactics battle grenadiers

Next, getting the colour right was another issue. I knew Vallejo range of model colour would definitely have the correct german colours. But I did not want to wait for shipping ordering from overseas, so I resort of trying to get the colour range as close as possible from GW citadel colour range.

The uniform I got it painted in citadel Karak Stone, then washed it down with Devlan Mud. Highlighted it with Karak Stone with a light mix of Skull White, and the uniform is done.

The armour, I used citadel Waagh Green mixed with a little Chaos Black to darken the green. Then washed it down further with Bedab Black. Once dried, it is highlighted with Waagh green along with light mix of Skull White.

The colour on the whole is not really as close as if its Vallejo colour, but still its ok. Guess the rest of my Dust miniatures I will go along with this colour scheme.

I have another issue with the Grenadiers though. The soldiers’ belt have no ammo pouch or battle knife or any accessories at all. I am gonna try to hunt around for bitz and accessorized them. Oh, and there are no decals as well. I finally decided that I will settle the decals using Dom’s Decal. Dust models decal does not have enough of the german sign. Once all my accessories are in, the Dust Grenadiers will get their upgrades! stay tuned!… cheers!

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