Commission 25th Anniversary Space Marines

Games workshop released this amazing 25th anniversary Space Marine sometime back. Have always wanted to paint it, and this commission project was a great opportunity! The finecast sculpt is finely detailed, but as with many comments and complains when finecast was released, I still find faults of minor tiny bubbles holes among the miniature that still needed some patching and filling.

25th anniversary space marine

The banner had a real issue though. Just as I was packing up the miniature, I noticed that the banner had bent leaning backward away from the marine. It was only about weeks ago that I completed the 25th anniversary marine. Seems like the finecast material is not firm strong when they are of thin sculpt.

Anyway, with some hot water I was able to bend the banner back. Supported the banner with a small rock and patched it up with green stuff. Now the banner will stay firmly against the rock… Dreadnought next… stat tuned…

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