Commission Legionnaires Marines and Terminator

Yes, after much painting, I am finally done with my commission projects. Total of 6 miniatures, definitely very exciting to paint. I shall post each miniatures in a different post.

Legion of the Damn! The Legionnaires Marines are already in their new finecast release. These I painted are in the classic metal range. The best part of the painting was to get the flames all lited up. Client requested for an orange outline shade like the flames. The overall result was an orange fiery feel to the Legionnaires.

Legionnaires Marines
Legionnaires Marines
Legionnaires Marines Terminator
Legionnaires Marines and Terminator
Next is Forgeworld Tyberos Red Wake terminator. The request was to be painted pretty much like the Legionnaires. Cool, another flame and cool orange fiery theme. With the lightening claws and the orange fiery theme, he’s looked amazing when I completed it.

Hmmm, where are the rules are the Legionnaires? In which issue of White Dwarf? Wonder any updates with the new 6th edition? More Marines, next… stay tuned…

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  1. There were a couple White Dwarfs that deal with them, but the Legion of the Damned are actually found in the Space Marine Codex.