Warhammer 40k 6th Edition and My Weak Faith

40k UltramarinesI guess everyone in the miniature gaming hobby, or rather those into GW would be excited about the Warhammer 40k 6th edtion that is due next month. As a faithful fan for so many years, this year is the year that my faith is really really weak. The 6th edtion does not seem to have any impact hits on me. Guess I have maybe reach the state of null already for GW.

Saw the sneak picts of the 40k 6th edition book cover and the details from the sites all over. It does attract me a little. On the other hand, the price is an issue. With embargo and so, to get a 6th ed here in SG will be a 3 digit affair. The price of every edition never fail to go up. I guess I will be getting a copy probably during one of those months where I am in the mood for buying some GW stuff, or really having extra extra budget, or a game or so that happen to inspires me.

Another positive thing that still attracts me as well, is the allied rules. Not sure what will the exact rules will be, but I do hope it will be a positive rule. I am a fan of allies all along, especially my favourite Grey Knights and Imperial Guards. Then what happen to the rumours for the stormtroopers? Till now, there is no news… hmmm

Maybe this could a motivation or reason? But guess not, I have too much of other miniatures and games systems to pay attention to for the next couple of months. Dust Warefare and Flames of War will be busy keeping me occupied… Time to check the time machine, ready to roll to WWII… Cheers!

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