My Faith is Weak…

Yap, I am sure everyone heard of the rumour or rumour come true of Games Workshop June price increase. All I can say, my Faith is already weak with GW. I have been into miniature gaming and painting for almost like coming to 10 years already. All along have been faithful with GW and her products all these years. But the past years of happening does not seem to see GW valuing loyal customer.

Another price increase? The cost of collecting GW miniatures have really turn into a big hole in pockets. Still recalled long ago, it was box of 20 men in most of the miniatures range, then 10 men, then more expensive. The recent release of my favourite army Vampire Count and Empire, I did not even felt much excitement at all, other then excited to see the new miniatures design. I still have not buy the army book and the new miniatures range yet!

When I sat down and counted the cost of the new range I would want to collect, the price buried my excitement and my Faith dwindled further. I am not sure where my faith will direct me for GW miniatures, guess only time can tell. I counted the total cost for the Empire and Vampire miniatures that most likely I would be collecting, total came up to about S$600, plus minus… I was thinking with that budget, I can almost like start 2 new games systems with armies! On the average I can start Dust Warfare and Flame of War!

So much for GW, sigh, been busy with some commission works (stay tuned) and have been busy researching a lot on Dust Tactics and Flame of War! WWII here I come…! Cheers!

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