Games Workshop New Citadel Paint

Games Workshop releasing its new paint range… Gosh, I am pretty excited about the new paint range of colours. There’s the :-

  • Citadel Base Paints
  • Citadel Shades
  • Citadel Dry Compounds
  • Citadel Layer Paints
  • Citadel Glazes
  • Citadel Texture Paints
  • The Technical Paints

I guess they renamed and revamped the entire paint range. With the name changed, its gonna get confusing for a start. Then there’s one thing that worries me, washes. I used a lot of washes in my painting, especially Badab Black and Devlan Mud. Seems like they are no longer around in the new range which is called Citadel Shades.

I like the current washes range which gives a matt and smooth wash and does not form a ring upon drying. With the new range, from the video its seems watery. Guess will have to try it out and probably adapt to the new range and develop new painting methods. Then again, maybe I should stock up what left in my local store before they are gone. Just like the ink, I still have a pot of chestnut ink… Meantime, let’s wait for the release and test out the paint soon… cheers!

2 Responses to Games Workshop New Citadel Paint

  1. Tested the new paints recently oh my gosh they are amazing white covers in one coat and thee shades work great. What I like the most are the new drybrush and basing paints cheers.