I decided to Air

Since the last post, I am still stuck with work and my project is taking up so much of my time. Still hoping, and hopefully, the project will end by this week and I have time to pick up my brushes again. And also, I guess with work overload, I missed the WAMP painting contest.

Though with workload on my head, my mind is still pondering about the airbrush issue I mentioned in my last post. After much asking around some hobby shops during my break time, I decided to invest in a good airbrush compressor and airbrush. I foresee myself experimenting and spending more time airbrushing. Don’t wanna end up spending double the cost when later I develop more into it.

I guess I will be getting the Sparmax compressor and airbrush set from one of my local hobby shop. Will be getting the compressor with a reservoir tank, and its able to go on airbrushing with no constraint or overheat. As for the airbrush to start, I am torn between the size 0.2mm or 0.3mm. I read some recommendations about general usage, a 0.3mm would be good enough. Anyone have any recommendation or suggestion about the airbrush size for painting miniatures?

The next issue I had to consider as well, is the work space in my painting shop. Its just a small room with a set of windows, think I will need to get a mask or respirator or so, if not I will suffer in the air of thinner. Another research…

The next step would be to wait for my gold coins I get at end of the month, to exchange for the airbursh, haha… Cheers!

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