To Air or not to Air

Been a busy week again. Not much time and energy left to pick up my brushes again. Hopefully, when some of my projects end next week, I can find some time to therapy myself with my painting and paintbrush.

Just the other day I came across some video on the net someone demonstrating using an airbrush to paint up the new Vampire Count Coven Throne. It was impressive. This lead me to hmmm… should I venture into airbrush or not, so to air or not to air, that is the question… haha.

Anyway, I went around asking and did some research. Asked one of my buddy Melvin about airbrush as he gotten his not so long as well, all for less than 200 Sing dollar. The catch is from China. Yap, its cheap, on average usage its good enough. I asked some of my local hobby shop opinion, about getting a low cost china vs a good quality one. First, its the price difference. A better quality one would cost about 400 plus sing dollar, double. Then the next question is in long term and usage, the higher price is a better choice.

What I am afraid is, if I go for the low cost China ones, if unlucky and it dont last, or I get more addicted and want to experiment with more advance techniques, then I end up purchasing another setup, that would be a double spending. Or should I now invest in a good one now, and dont have to worry it anymore… Hmmm… tough decision…

Anyone have any airbrush decision experiences or dilemma starting to share?

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