Secret Weapon Spent Shell Casing Review

I was building a diorama the other time, when I wanted to have some spent shell casing litter on the base. I thought of cutting small shell size from those 0.75mm plastic rods, when I tumbled upon Secret Weapons’ spent shell casing. I immediately ordered some to check it out.

Secret Weapon Spent Shell Casing

I got the Spent Shell Casing Standard and the Spent Shell Casing Infantry. The standard Shell casing can be used to represent shells fired from the bolter or bolt pistol. The Infantry casing can be used to represent shells maybe fired from the heavy bolters or the auto cannon or so. First impression for the shells when I got them, the standard shells are really small, but the infantry shells are still reasonably sized. The shells are detailed with a hollow in the center and a ring groove around it, like real shells.

The standard shells are a bit tiny to manage. Clipping off from the sprue needs to be very careful or otherwise they will be really spent shells lying somewhere lost. Once clipped, cleaning or filling off the flashes can be tricky. I use a tweezer and try to rub the shells against the file to file off the flashes. This is much easier than holding the shell and moving the file to file the shell. The infantry shell is much easier to manage as the size is slightly bigger than the standard one. Overall, I am pretty happy with the shells, especially with the hollow in the center and the details. And… now… Fire!… Shells littered everywhere… haha!

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