Thoughts for the Week…

In a flash as far as I recalled, I was like starting the week and now its already Saturday. Well, this week been a really really bad week to start. Had not been able to pick up my brushes after I was done with my Sedition Wars. Started off the week with a bad fever which lasted for few days, and on top of that, I had to struggle to get some of my work done as well. Fever, work, guess the next important thing thats on my mind that I needed most was rest. So when there was time, I dropped dead on the bed to regenerate myself… haha. Guess with only three things, fever, work, sleep, for this week, no wonder it flashes fast past with no warning at all. With recovery done, guess its time to be back to the brushes and the miniature world.

With flashes past fast, I also forgotten all about the Vampire Counts new releases. Seem like I will have to plan to get them later on, and sort out my Vampire Counts Army list with the new Army book. But for sure, I am gonna get the Black Knights. Been waiting for a good sculpt for skeleton horses, and its time! The next question is how many to field in an unit?… Guess that answer will be in the new Army book.

Meantime, still sorting some work and dying to get back to some painting action though. Most likely will be working on my Space Marines and Ork for a contest. My Dark Eldar Wyches have been KIV for a long while, unit of 10, only 2 are done. Now, let me get to The Painting Shop and hold my brushes, been a while…. Cheers!

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