Past and Future

Been a busy week, and time sure flies and we are already at the end of the first week of Jan 2012. Finally managed to get some time to ponder what I have done in 2011 and what to accomplish for my upcoming projects in 2012.

I was pretty happy that I was done with most of my Vampire Counts miniatures, with only the Blood Knights and a box of skeleton warriors left. Well, along last year came the Banshee and the Wraiths, and this month Jan, oh no, more new Vampire Counts to come. Guess I will target to get the Blood Knights and horde up my Skeletons Warriors first before looking at the upcoming new releases.

Dark Eldars also caught me up with its new releases in 2011. With only 500pts worth of miniatures painted only, its still a long way when I have about 2000 more points sitting on my shelves. Need more pain!

I think 2011 was a great year where I purchase a quite a few other make and brand of miniatures and kept myself busier with contests. It was great experience and I was exposed to the competitive edges in competitions. I will still continue this competitive edge for competition probably this 2012. Collected quite a few new miniatures in the process of joining all these competitions. Then I must say, I discovered the joy of making diorama though. Sure gives me an opportunity to tell stories with miniatures.

I think for 2012, I will want to work on my tanks and vehicles, Grey Knights’ and Imperial Guards’. Have to test out and experiment new ways to get my tanks done fast as well. Oh ya, maybe I should include my Empire Steam Tank as well, haha. Hopefully will not be distracted too much from more new releases from GW. Cheers! And… more good painting and miniatures to come!

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