Kingdom Death Pinup Savior and Survivors

Just received my christmas present I bought for myself yesterday, my Kingdom Death miniature. Gosh I was really excited about receiving it. The recent new release miniatures were snapped up quickly… and I still regret for hesitating and missing the Flower Knight. Still I managed to get my hands on the General release Savior, limited edition survivor male and female.

As always, opening the Kingdom Death package is always so exciting. The packaging is as usual packed in an impressive nicely sized designed brown box. Included in the box are small card size painting of the miniature and the incredible sculpted miniatures. Postcards of the painting of the miniatures were included as well. The limited edition Survivor male and female postcards were cased in a card case along with the limited edition number.

For the Pinup Savior, her sculpt is simply amazing. The female body is sculpted nicely and proportionally, able to bring the young and vibrant feel to the character. Her weapon and staff are on a separate sprue. They are very refined and intricate, I guess assembling them will need extra careful care. Her legs sculpt has small patches which at first I thought was some moulding defect, but upon looking at the postcard painting and comparing, I realised that it is because she has tear in her stocking. Those patch design on her legs are actually her stocking tear! Simple amazing!

Her short skirt on one side has some thinning and tiny holes in the moulding, which I guess will need some minor touching up. But the skirt is definitely designed in proportion thickness.

The cape she is having is a feather design. The cape is beautifully sculpted with each feather lined up very refinely. The thickness is of a nice reasonable proportion thickness as compared to other make of miniatures with cape design. Because it is thin, it feels very delicate and there are tiny holes along some of the feather strain. But I guess upon painting it, it should be good to portray a feather feel along with the tiny gaps and hole.

kingdom death saviour

For the Female Survivor, her sculpt is as amazing as the pinup savior. The texture feel is much smoother as compared to the savior probably cos of its armour deign and clothes. Her body is sculpted proportionally as well, along with nice and very amazing details of the armour and cloth sculpt. Her weapons and accessories sprue are very refined and detailed as well. One of my favourite is her hair sculpt which I like best. It has these layer design, like a nice salon hairstyle hair cut. What a hairstyle for a survivor! Now the next problem, should she wear the animal skull helmet which is amazing as well, or should she not… hmmm…

kingdom death survivor female

For the Male Survivor, his body attire and accessories are amazingly detailed with very refine texture. His clothe has tiny details of torn and tear, and those leather belts and buckle are simply detailed. The axe has a fine detailed wear and tear texture on it. On the body sculpt as compared to the female survivor, I feel he is a bit burly and slightly bigger than the female survivor in term of proportion.

kingdom death survivor male

Overall the miniatures have quite a few moulding flashes this time but cleaning it up should not be any issue. I am definitely looking forward to painting them. Meantime, let me have a second look at the miniatures again, they are amazing! Cheers!

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