Vampire Counts Thoughts

Oh no… guess by now, everyone would have heard of the next new exciting release from Games Workshop! Vampire Counts! More pictures and stuff can be found on most of the blogs and on BOLs…

First, the trend in Warhammer Fantasy recent is each army having a huge monstrous unit of something. I am not surprised that Vampire Count is getting its hugh monster unit. The Coven Throne / Mortis Engine is amazing, simply amazing. The sculpt is so cool with all its undead ethereal host ferrying the Vampires Lords or so. Definitely cant wait to get a hold of it and paint.

The other unit that is definitely my favourite is the Black Knights / Hexwraiths. When I first saw it, this is what I would call a cool skeleton horses! The sculpt looks good, and I am definitely getting them for my Black Knights, which I have been searching for a good skeleton horses to convert for sooo long. I read, seem like Black Coach will not have any new sculpt. It would be cool to have a new Black Coach to add on to my current Black Coach. As for Isabella, she is definitely gonna accompany my Vampire Lord… haha.

I am still not so keen on the ghouls and zombies sort, cos my Vampire Army is base on all skeleton warriors of all sort, with lots of bats. Speaking of bats, wonder will there be any new rules or miniatures for the bats or so… Hmmm….

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