Steel Plating Base

I have been thinking about base a lot recently. Wanted to have a modern urban base or sort for my Sedition Wars miniatures. Been looking at couples of brands and design for base. Just too many to choose from.

Then I thought why don’t I test and make a base of my own. I imagined my base having a steel plating flooring. Took some tamiya 1.5mm plastic cards and trim it to the size of a typical base. Took the base and scratch it on a rough ground surface to create some texture and scratches. Score a shallow groove on it and glue some small dot of 0.75mm rods dot to represent rivets.

steel plating base

Got it painted with Citadel Gunmetal, washed with Bedab Black, followed by dry brushed of Mithril Silver. Wash the edges with tiny amount of Sephia to have the rust feel. And, wow, I got a steel plated base. But the base does feel kind of blank, think I will run through my bits and see what I can enhanced it with. Probably I will use this tested base and enhanced it as an objective marker.

Now that my test seems good, Hmm… planning for some science fiction steel plating corridors terrain or diorama…. Cheers!

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