Kingdom Death new miniatures ordered!

kingdom death new releaseJust last week, when I got Kingdom Death newsletter in my email, I was really excited about it. I knew it must be some new release for the coming festive period. And, upon clicking my mail, gosh, I was lost for words for the new released miniatures, simply awesome! Check out at Kingdom Death!

As I am collecting more to human natures type of miniatures figures, the male and female survivors caught my attention, along with the pin-up saviour. The Flower Knight and the Forge Priest were tempting me too. I was thinking which ones to get or should I get all 5 new miniatures. Just feeling flicker minded, I thought maybe I decide the next day which ones to order as I knew Kingdom Death resin release are always limited runs only.

Guess what on the next day…., just when I decided I wanted the awesome Flower Knight as well, it was sold out, sold out in just one night…. Oh nooo… The survivor female is running out, followed by the rest too… Quickly, I finally ordered the survivors and the saviour pin-up. Looking forward to getting them soon. Then just as I look at the Forge Priest, he looks good too… oh no… Cheers!

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