Ogre Maneater Pirate

“Treasure… more treasure!”

My pirate mood finally got my Orge Maneater Pirate all painted up already. After much research at pirates references and such, the colour of the clothes are usually of the brown colour family shades. So, my Ogre Maneater Pirate is much based around the colours of Citadel Snakebite Leather, Beastial Brown and Scorched Brown.

ogre maneater pirate

ogre maneater pirate

I imagined him dragging some looted some old lost treasures from some old wreck onto the shallow shores, and was shouting in joy with the rusting anchor of the wreck in one hand. The colour of the sand, were based more like the shallow beach sand colour. There are 2 puddles of water beside the Ogre which makes as if he is in the shallow sands of the water. The clear water effect is created with some gel and Tamiya clear acrylic paint.

With the Pirate mood, I am really considering to subscribe to GW White Dwarf and getting the Pirate White Dwarf… Hmm… more treasure, more X on the map… haha… cheers!

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