More Wizards, more spells

While running through my stuff and piles, I realized actually I do have enough wizards to paint to represent a wizard for each of the Eight Lores of Magic.

For my Empire, I already have a Lore of Fire Wizard, and a white Wizard to represent Lore of the light. There’s 2 Necromancers in my Vampire count army, one of the Necromancer can represent the Lore of Death.

more wizards

old wizards sprue

I found some old Wizards sprue that actually I can paint up to represent the rest of the Lores of Magic. The Battle Wizards box set from the Empire miniatures would have much better details.

The old Wizards sculpt and cast were more flat and not much details. I was thinking since they do not have much physical details, I thought maybe during the painting stage, the robes could be painted with more details like patterns, symbols design and such. The acrane stuff they are holding can be painted with more details to elaborate the powers they are holding. Seems like a good idea, will be one of my projects to start off later on. Meantime, I am just finishing my Ogres Maneater, with the Pirate mood in mind… Cheers

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