Working on Pirate Ogre Maneater

Past days been trying hard to squeeze time to pick up my brush, but at time tireness just over rule my body and mind. If only I can have the mind body of the Space Marines, where I can go on without sleep for the next few days, painting… haha!

Anyway, I was been working on my Dark Eldar Wyches, when the Ogre distracted me. With the recent release of Dreadfleet, and the recent hype of pirate miniatures, especially I’ve been drooling over Freebooters’ Pirate miniatures range, how can I not get infected with the Pirate bug… haha.

ogre maneater pirate

So, I finally managed to base and got some painting started for my Ogre Maneater Pirate. So far so good, but I’ve been pondering what skin colour for the Ogre, tough choice. Took me a while to dig out my old White Dwarf issues and my Ogre Kingdom army book for some references.

The base I am planning to base as if the Ogre is standing in some shallow waters where he managed to pull his treasure off some ship or so. It will be fun making the water, looking forward to finish the Ogre and get started on the base. Meantime, I will do some experiment to test first as well. Stay tuned… Cheers!

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