Green Glow and Necrons

If you are a Necron fan, you should not miss this month White Dwarf. It has everything about Necron and its new release miniatures.

On a temptation level, I must say, flipping through the pages of all those robot technology and gauss tech in the White Dwarf, sure make temptation feels at its peak, haha. In my earlier post, looking at those leaked pict already, temptation was already slight. With White Dwarf full pictorial, wow. The thoughts of collecting did occur, and its so strong….. arrggghh…. but in the end I managed to brush those addictive thoughts aways and remain in pain, haha. Probably I will get the Codex for some reading pleasures.

On them miniatures range, the new sculpts looks good. Most of the new range are nicely sculpted and up to date. Guess seeing the real miniatures then I can see how the Necron live up to the new sculpt and details. I still recall my Dark Eldar experiences, seeing the real miniatures, I was drawn into the pain immediately. Will pop by my local stores and have a real look at those minatures next week or so.

And, those green arcylic plastic rod are still around. Looks like the basic Necron warriors is still the same sculpt repackaged and with green rods. I thought GW would be doing away with the green rods, but guess not. The new range though does not seem to have any green rod, but mostly all the parts that are green, are painted green glowing.

So much for greens, will be looking forward to the Codex next week! Cheers!

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