One Dark Eldar Wyches

Got one of my Dark Edlar Wyches test painted all done up. Overall, I felt she looked a bit dark though. Wanted her to look and feel a bit more alluring sexy feel, but the results turn out to be of a darker feel. But, its Dark Eldar right… they are on the dark side haha, … Feel the pain… haha.

One side of the Dark Eldar Wyches, I painted the usual Dark Eldar Kabalite scheme I had. The other side which I mentioned earlier that I wanted a black shiny tights feel. I tested with a black colour tight feel, but the colour turned out just not right. Was trying to decide what other poosible colour could the tights side be. In the end, I resort to a metallic grey, a mix of Citadel Bolt Gun Metal with Chaos Black. Then highlighted with a lighter shade of grey, Citadel Skull White and the metallic mixture. I applied a layer of Tamiya Clear shinny gloss over the tights areas.

dark eldar wyches

dark eldar wyches

Well, I must she looks sinister and dark, I wonder how would a few of these Wyches would feel like. Hmm, think I will continue this scheme on a few Wyches and see how it goess…. Feel the PAIN… more painting, cheers!

2 Responses to One Dark Eldar Wyches

  1. I personally feel the skin is of the wrong tone. Therefore the overall effect is too dark.

    Remember you are not painting a human, so you will need to change the colors used on the skin. Try using dheneb stone as a base. Working up with bleached bone then finally to white. Add in whatever shade you want, I personally would go either blue or purple wash to enhance the ‘xenos-ness’ in them.

    Once the skin is very much light you will be able to achieve that contrast that is needed. Sinister yet dark at the same time!

    Maybe try it on your next model?

  2. Agree… I guess so. Probably might try to correct to a lighter skin tone like suggested, cos I still wanna maintain a slight human tone skin colour feel than to a pure xeno skin colour feel. Thanks… cheers!