Liquid Green Stuff

Just a got my White Dwarf this month and saw Games Workshop having some hobby material new releases. These new releases are already on Games Workshop site already.

One of the most interesting one is the Liquid Green Stuff. I am imagining the Green Stuff to be in a liquid form where you can paint the gaps or fill the gaps. I wonder how is the flow of the green stuff in liquid state like, definitely and interesting new stuff to try out. Will sure check out with my local stores and get a bottle and test it out soon.

Another interesting item would be the mould lines Scraping Tool. All these whiles, I guess I have been using a penknife and scraping away all those mould lines. Now there is a tool to help in that? I am pretty fascinated by the curve edge to scrape the mould lines. Will definitely check it out too.

This month White Dwarf had the examples of these tools and their usage shown in the cleaning out of the miniature finecast Orc Warlord. Meantime, let me browse the rest of the White Dwarf, cheers!

2 Responses to Liquid Green Stuff

  1. The mould line tool is really useful, thanks to the design it really can get in gaps.

    The liquid green stuff i’ve only used once, but it is a lot better for filling in gaps than rolling out some green stuff and all that. Just brush it on, wait for it to dry (which didnt take that long in my test) and sand down šŸ˜€

  2. Cool! Sound promising. Will definitely get the mould line tool and the green stuff when available locally here. Cheers!