Dark Eldar Wyches assembled

Time to feel more pain. Next on my painting list, I am gonna get a unit of Wyches done. Managed to assemble 10 Dark Eldar Wyches with a Hekatrix, razorflails and hydra gauntlets. Once they were assembled, I must say the Dark Eldar Wyches looked very sleek and fast with all the poses. Cool! Really inspired and looking forward to painting them.

dark eldar wyches assembled

I will do one test paint of one Wyches first, before I go on to the rest of the 9 Wyches. As I read the fluff for the Wyches, it left me with the impression that the Wyches are pretty fast and deadly with their blades and at the same time they are pretty concerned with your attire and outlook. The part I like is that they are dress half in the Kabalite armour, while the other side of their attire are with exposed semi skin to tempt you to hurt them. I can imagine fighting a Dark Eldar Wyches where I see the exposed weakness side, and taking advantage of that and try to slash the exposed side, but they are fast, real fast, turning their weak spot into a target and advantage, they are fast enough to counter back, and I get my head rolling in return… haha!

I was thinking one side of the Dark Eldar Wyches, I will probably paint the usual Dark Edlar colour scheme of mine, copper feel with turquoise. The other side I was imagining they should be in tights, maybe like Catwoman shinning tights. I can imagine with shining tights like Catwoman, and cuts in the tight to show exposed skin, it will be real a temptation like what a Dark Eldar Wyches would want. Now, how to paint a shiny latex feeling tights. Let me get some research and experiments done…

Feel the Pain!

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