Space Marines Game First Impression and Other Thoughts

Over the weekend, had some fun kicking some Orks. I was at my brother’s place where he bought copy of X-box Space Marines game. Not that my brother is into wargaming or warhammer 40k, but he was attracted to third person shooting type of game along with the amazing fight of the Space Marines with the chainsword. For me, being a Warhammer 40k fan, its more of experiencing the feel of a Space Marines, just like the ads campaign THQ had, I AM A SPACE MARINE… haha.

Anyway my first impression was I am pretty satisfied with the game itself. When the X-box Space Marines game started, I was hoping to watch a high res animation trailer like the typical Dawn of War games. But instead, it was just the standard normal animation intro of the campaign mode game. Kind of disappointing though. I only managed to play the campaign mode till the part of the story where Captain Titus gets to fire a heavy bolter and Plasma Cannon. Then in one part of the game play, there is a female Imperial Guards Cadian Lieutenant. Cool, have been in the mood for female hero of recent, maybe it is possible to convert a female Imperial Guards Cadian Lieutenant? Let me find a suitable female head sculpt…. haha.

On the whole, the games play experience was good, smashing and shooting some Orks was definitely very enjoyable from a Space Marines perspective view, haha. The animations for the fighting and shooting were nicely done. When the Space Marines runs, I can feel the heaviness in the Space Marines, but at the same time, I can feel the Space Marines is agile enough for leaps and fast assault. Overall, the animation is nicely done in the representation of the Space Marines. But my brother was commenting that comparing the graphic details between Space Marines and Gears of Wars, Gears of Wars’ graphic seems much better and refined. I do agree so as well. I did not have a chance to try the multiplayer mode, but so far the first impression of this third person shooter games have been positive. I am tempted to get a copy to play on my PC, but I was struggling between whether to get the normal version or the Limited Edition version. The Limited Edition had the graphic book and the trading cards which is tempting me alot… haha.

Then on another idea, for the price of the Limited Edition Space Marines games, I can get a box of the Gears of War board game. I saw the intro video for the board game, feels really tempted to play, and to paint the miniatures included as well. Wow, a chance to paint Marcus… cool isn’t it? Another unique thing about the game is you can play by yourself… and the Locust horde opponents are random cards generated, cool! Of course in the Gears of Wars board games, it’s a game of teamwork vs the cards generated Locust horde opponents.

Wow so much for thoughts and games over this weekend… back to more painting, as I should be able to get my Dark Eldar Raider done by this week… Cheers!

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