Confessor and Preacher

I was reading this month White Dwarf hot issue on the Sister of Battle Codex. Browsing at the list and new amends, the faiths points has a different system. Comparing to Witchhunters, guess I prefer the old system though. Then and now there is only sister as troops choice, no others. Guess Sisters are now all alone, with no allies, like Grey Knights. Check out a detailed First Take on Sister from BOLS.

For HQ there are confessors and Preacher as elites, which reminded me that I do recall having some preacher or confessor miniatures chucked somewhere. Decided to dig out my pile of blisters, and guess what I found.

I have a confessor, 2 Jocobus (which I don’t recall buying 2 though, haha), 2 Imperial Missionaries and 1 preacher! What a great find. Now I have many options for confessor and preacher miniatures.

Among my blisters pile I found some blisters of my Sister with meltagun had its black sponge packing disintegrated to sticky powder sponge. Guess with environment and time, the sponge had its time. Managed to clean the disintegrated sponge from the blister and pack back the Sisters. With my Grey Knights and Dark Eldar in the queue for painting, hopefully I can reach my Sister by end of this year? Haha. Cheers!

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